BR changes VEAK 40

Wait what.
VEAK 40 BR from 8.7 to 7.7 and HE-VT removed??
How can you add that big of a BR change without giving us the opportunity to comment on it at all?
it is going to be massively worse than the ZSU against tanks but with the addition of a search/track-radar and faster turret turn rate?
Why even do this change to begin with? i don’t understand it…


There is already an open thread on this.

There have been many posts and discussions on Swedish SPAA pacing. The VEAK 40 and ItPsV 90 have no reason to be the same BR, so one of them was nerfed and put into the proper BR range for a lineup lacking quality SPAA.

It isn’t designed to fight tanks, it’s designed with aircraft in mind. You still have AP that can outdo a BMP-2 in penetration, as well as a half decent radar.
Compare this to the ZSU-57-2, which is borderline useless against aircraft even when they’re flying straight towards you.

i started this thread almost exactly at the same time as the other one came. i did search first. but will stick to the other thread.

Alright, I just wanted to point out the duplicate as this is the one with that was created after. In typing it the other was probably created.

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“You will use SPAA as anti-tank and you will like it!” -the devs, probably