BR and match making is so bad

The battle rating is tragic, playing some of the tank is pure torture. Are you playing your own game or do you have blinders on, focusing only on making premium machines? Someone from Gaijin should advise me or even better invite me to a squadron and show me how to play because maybe I’m a terrible noob. How can you make such a crappy BR, playing with a vehicle at 9.3 like the AMX 30 super against vehicles at 10.3 like the M1 Abrams, Leo 2A4, T80B? It really gets on my nerves when I see this 12 matches 9 times I’ve had an uptier. The difference between the machines is huge, the 9.3 vechicles is behind the 10.3 tank in terms of shells, armor, etc. Frontally, all I can do is aim for the lower plate or aim for the gun, and that’s only if there’s time for it. On the other hand, the opponent doesn’t have to make any effort, just shoots anywhere and it’s game over for me. Please block uptiers and downtiers, or provide the option to refund the money that players have spent on this game over the years with the deletion of their account. Ps. I hope my post will be published!


9.0 and 9.3 is dead, there is no point in playing it, 9.0 used to be on the edge but the new Object has also ruined that even more.

And now they’re adding another premium for Sweden and Italy that are likely going to be in the same region so I’d steer clear of anything 9.0 and 9.3 permanently.

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