(BR) All you did was make 7.7 face 9.0 tanks

With the recent BR changes, you did great on relieving 6.7 tanks facing more advanced opposition, making battles more equal and fair.

But in doing so, when you raised previously 7.7 BR vehicles to 8.0 they are now being forced to face up against greatly more capable vehicles from 8.7 to 9.0.

My 7.7 tanks which have no gun stabilizer and conventional ammo, or APDS at best, is now facing stabilized weapons, with APFSDS, composite armor, and Laser Rangefinders.

For Comparison, previously-7.7 tanks who are now 8.0:

  • Leopard 1 (no stab, APDS, standard rangefinder)
  • T54 (no stab, APCBC or APDS, human rangefinder)
  • M60 (no stab, APDS, standard rangefinder)
  • AMX-30 1972 (no stab, HEATFS, standard rangefinder)
    … etc …

… Are now facing:

  • T-55AM-1 (stab, APFSDS, composite, laser range)
  • T-62M-1(stab, APFSDS, composite, laser range)
  • TAM 2IP (stab, APFSDS, composite, laser range)
  • XM-803 (stab, APFSDS, spaced, laser range)
  • M60A1 RISE (stab, APFSDS, ERA, laser range)
    and more.

Thanks for uncompressing 6.7, but now you need to uncompress the higher BR vehicles.

If this thread belongs in Suggestions, please move it. Thanks.

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