Br 9.0 is just unplayable

Are you serious ? shot kal datet at 9.0 ?? I was trying to play shot kal dalet for the past week , and boy do i regret buying this thing …… you will never reach a cap point in time , never get to advantage point in time , playing against russia 10.0 like 15 times out of 10 …… this thing is totally unplayable …… so sad actually, i wanted this thing so badly …. Now i really feel bad because i did.

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What you need is new strategy for this “turtle”
You just wait behind those 10.0 br bastards to got close to you when they rush like there is no tomorow and then start to demolish them one by one and after this you go for caping

i kinda agree.

Ive been trying to spade my swedish 9.3 line up and ive simply given up.

19/20 of the games are an uptier against russia and their nice premiums.

Gaijin sure knows how to suck fun out of everything.