BP task "destroy bases" - calculation changed? - NOT! (no issue here)

yesterday I choosed the special task “destroy 15 bases”. previously a base was counted twice (or more) if you drop bombs with 2 (or more) different planes on it before it was destroyed. I have to check again today but this seems to be changed now as I dropped bombs with 1 plane on 2 bases and then with the 2. plane on 1 of the 2 . both bases were destroyed but only 2 bases were counted. I am afraid they secretly changed the calculation of destr. bases interpreting the old logic as “bug”. Remember that a few months ago they increased the number of bases in this task from 12(?) to 15.
As mentioned I have to check if its really the case - or can somebody give a comment about his own experience?

First Bomber T2?

Ah - is that why sometimes a base counted as 2?? I could never figure it out… dunno about any recent change tho - haven’t done that task for a while.

If you drop bombs and do not destroy a base, then you only get base damage points. But If someone destroy the remaining base, then both of you get score for destroyed base. The other person also will get base damage points.

I was wrong - after playing a few bombing missions i got the base count worked normal - like before. so no issue there.

No - first bomber was T3

He doesn’t ask basics, but advanced stuff…