Boxer Cockerill 3105 - The aberrant flanker

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The Boxer armored vehicle project, initiated in 1993 by France and Germany, saw the UK join in 1996. After France’s exit in 1999, the Netherlands joined in 2001. The project produced twelve prototypes and introduced the “Boxer” name in 2002. The UK departed the project in 2003, while the Netherlands and Germany proceeded with orders of 200 and 272 vehicles, respectively, with the Dutch deliveries starting from 2013 and the first German Boxer delivered in 2009.

The integration of the Boxer 8x8 with the Cockerill 3105 turret aimed to combine high mobility and protection with significant firepower, making it ideal for direct fire support, reconnaissance, and rapid deployment. It was originally expected that this combination would be shown for the first time at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris in June 2020 canceled due to the pandemic but numerous countries had interest of this vehicle. Extensive testing, including live-fire trials, mobility tests, and systems integration checks, validated its performance.


  • Cockerill®105 mm HP Gun (Rifled)
    • DM12 (HEAT)
    • DM512 (HESH)
    • DM33 (APFSDS)
    • Falarick 105 (ATGM-T)
  • 7.62 mm co-ax or pintle mount(7.62mm, 12.7 mm, 40mm AGL)


  • 12-16 round autoloader
  • 5 sec reload
  • 3rd generation thermal imager( Thermal imager: 15 / 7 / 3.5 km)
  • Elevation -10/+42
  • 8 smoke grenade launchers
  • APS, Acoustic Gunshot Detection, LWD
  • Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, commander)

The Boxer is powered by a 530 kW MTU 8V 199 TE20 diesel engine (711 hp). This engine is paired with an Allison HD4070 transmission, featuring 7 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, allowing the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 103 km/h, with a weight of a whopping 42 tons.

Armor :
The Boxer Cockerill 3105 is constructed on a standard Boxer chassis, reinforced with AMAP composite armor capable of withstanding 14.5x114mm Armor-Piercing (AP) rounds at 200 meters, meeting STANAG 4569 armor standards, while the 3105 turret its made out of welded ballistic aluminium with protection up to Level 5 STANAG 4569.






Boxer awaits firing trials with John Cockerill Defense C3105 turret


Look identical to the Patria in-game?

its an upgraded turret, altough the boxer platform is definitvely better than Patria just because of sheer power to weight ratio together with armor

its a nice german based system on wheels which will be a nice upgrade to the radkampfwagen

I think it will be event vehicle.

generally for it to be an event it has to meet conditions like being from another country that is not designed to a tech tree in game and that the base is from such tech tree, its a possiblity that it ends up as an event but it could also end up as TT so idk

I’d wager it would be a premium if the CV90105-XC is anything to go by

seems the more plausible option since germany has other stuff like the RCT-120, i feel gaijin would either put it as a 10.3 GE vehicle or as a 10.0 pack

as the turret is Belgian and the hull is Dutch/German it could either be in the german or benelux sub tree

could be in both,
That being said the main initater was germany in this case

eh, if all the US LTs that are events are anything to go by, there’s a good chance this ends up as an event tbh, hope not though. Everyone needs more TT LTs

Absolutly ugly imo, but shure.

lol ik that’s why i came up with the tittle, the turret looks pretty aberrant

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but this should be in the French tech tree, especially after the introduction of the sub-tech tree of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg. The turret is a Belgium turret designed by Cockerill Cockerill® modular turret 3105 : Defense - John Cockerill and the hull was jointly developed by the Netherlands and Germany so in what way should this be in the German tech tree, this variant should stay with the sub-tree of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg. There are other variants to choose from that can go into the German tech tree this one makes no sense at this point.

its a beligum turret on a boxer chassis as much it has as much relations from both countries is not excluviely belgium, also take in count this wasnt put into service this was a demonstration of the turret in such chassis, and the vehicle was in fact tested by KMW in germany at one point

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I understand but it makes no sense to add to Germany alone rather this post should be updated to reflect this as a French option now with the addition of Belgium and the Netherlands to the French

there is a plausible option offered directly by cockerill themselves, they used an AMV 8X8 hull and offered it to spain but it was never bought, i tought specifically of this version because of its ties with germany and it was actively tested in germany, more than anything cuz of the tested in germany

because germany was the one that actualy build this variant? and not dutch or belgium?


again build and tested by germany. Sth you should be aware of, suggestion mods dont accept suggestion to nations if they dont relate to that country.
This one was accepted specialy because it was done by germany

Additionaly even the benelux ground suggestion specialy didnt put it it into their tech tree ideas as tech tree /event or even premium, because they are aware they have the least claim in truth and only name it at the end


I believe this is the only wheeled vehicle with a 105mm that Germany has a direct claim to, which also didn’t involve the Dutch or Belgian. Sure, other options exist, but none of them have the same link. I don’t understand why this should go to France if they already have wheeled 105mm vehicles (Vextra and AMX-10RC) and no direct link to this vehicle.