BOTs once again in the game and once again Gajin does nothing against

We need system which will deal with bots, chines bots mainly. Some BRs are hard to play just becouse of very bad game design. Like Air battles, arround 8,3 - 9,3 BR, where the MM in 90% of the games creates team of soviet and german jets, and on the other side are just bombers and ground attackers. This si frustrating to play over and over again, and now when you see 4 bots in the team it is even worse.

I recomend to add penalty for players which are caught to use 3th party software, specialy bots, to delete their whole progress . Every XP they have gained will be zeroed, and they have to start from the very beginning again, but after 3 months ban.

If they do it again, permaban.

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