Bots in ARB

I just ran into this guy, which was in a squadron with another player that also had like 1000+ games in multiple premium planes with bombs and like 30-40 kills in those 1000+ games.

Can i ask why ppl with these stats dont get their account flagged automatically to put in that captcha thing? They are obviously bots. The other guy had 900+ games in the A32 Röd Adam already. That thing came out 13 days ago. Like if the account has been playing for multiple days straight, that should probably also be an auto flag for captcha?

But the issue is probably as follows: Bots buy alot of premiums, so dont ban them too fast since gaijin wants the money from them.


You need to report them through the server replays, but I do agree with you…

The one I took to the GMs and even the CM, ended up getting away from them, changed name and no-one was tentative to actually catch it and remove it.

These sorts of players deserve to have thier accounts deleted.


You answered your own question mate


I do report them. This was 100% the worst guy i saw last night, but i got multiple of them in 4 games in a row at 11.0. Like maybe if they removed the whole: “You have to give a written reason for the report, and it has to be atleast 10 words long”, then maybe ppl would actually bother reporting. If i chose “botting” as the reason, what more do i need to write? It makes no goddamn sense.

Yeah it just came to me as i was writing the post. Why would they bother banning them quickly, they make tons of money off them.

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If it’s a minimum of 10 words, and you can post a paragraph that simply, you’re really not unable to report it… You want to describe what and how you came to the conclusion that they were. It’s not that hard.

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Air, naval, ground all of them full with chinese bots. Game is dying too fast.

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I dont think you get what i mean. They stated that if a player get multiple reports they will get flagged for captcha (as in, this is automated).
If you then make it take longer then what is needed to file a report (there is a reason you have to chose what you are reporting them for), then why are the extra words needed? I will do it, but there are certainly times i cant be bothered when its every second game and there is atleast 1. It gets annoying to do fast, compared to if you could just right click, report for bot, done.
Yes i could just Ctrl+V something in, but if it gets to that whats the point of even having me write the msg? .Or they could make it easier to do so more ppl will do it

Let me change your psychology:
These bots are just high-nutrition food. Just intercept them on the way to bases and be happy.
I also used to get annoyed about this situation but it is actually a relief in overcrowded lobbies, less ppl hunting for you.
Clicked something?

  • Bots are more Good than Bad
  • Bots are more Bad than Good

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They don’t need anyone’s help finding them when their entire leaderboard is air and naval botters: Leaderboard - Community - War Thunder. Just do the math on games per month, or check out any of the leaders’ replays.

War Thunder is unique among game titles of its type that it doesn’t ban their worst cheaters. It lists them proudly.

Yea I wish more people new this fact

its probably a coincidence that most of them are just names with numbers or chinese characters…

but once the enemy team kills the bots that do not kill anyone from the enemy team, you will be left with just a few players. Don’t you see that anymore? So what if we have a 4v4 situation in the second half of the match if I have me + 3 bots and my opponent has 4 players? is it fun then?

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Just shoot him when botters are on your teammates and report.

You could argue that yes. I could also argue that when im trying to stock grind a new plane that only has bombs and i now have to fight bots to get a base, that i almost cant stock grind anymore.

i can only kill one tho, there are often more then one

You don’t need to use guns or AAMs if botters are taking off.

i have not really tested slamming my plane into other ppl, hoping i survive while they die. Not really something i would think i need to know how to do

Bases respawns like in 20 seconds and my tactics to fly fly around a bit, shouldn’t it help?

Are you seriously advocating to TK people you SUSPECT are botters, based on thier name?

That’s absolute idiocy… Like, top teir idiocy.

Report and move on.

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