Bots in ARB

They dont always respawn quickly, it’s inconsistent. It has always been a 2 minutes respawn, and considering it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, and considering it isn’t consistent, it’s probably a bug

I mean you can suspect them to be a bot, and then you can look at their 3000+ games with sub 50 kills on ground and air units. At that point you know it’s a bot

Yea, but that doesn’t excuse the fact of TKing players based on your assumption…

2 wrongs don’t make a right.

Report it, move on.

What can I do if there is little or no immediate effect to reporting and unless many of the players I reported are perma banned as far as I know?

Of course it is acceptable for a few weeks or even 3 month, but it is just a joke that the player I reported in February or last year still has not been banned.

They should not be in the game in the first place, and since it is taking a “very” long time for them to be reported and then banned, all we do is crash them to the ground to sabotage their grind and report them for using bots.

It is very easy to check if the dude was a bot or not (KD, 1 month kpf, etc.) and after you return to the hangar you can also look up IGN to see if he was actually botter or not and watch the server replay.

Welp… Gaijin can also implement CAPTCHA or other bot detection systems on login screens that is what very renowned game studios such as MiHoYo.

I have no experience with HTML and PHP, JS development, but iirc, Google’s reCAPTCHA can be implemented with a few dozen lines of client-side and server-side coding.

Even without using CAPTCHA, They can implement similar things from another approachs.

I don’t know if you have any knowledge of coding, but BOTs basically have an simple algorithm consisting of key input, conditional branches, etc., and therefore, unlike live players so, at least in this game rn, they are not flexible in their behavior. So Gaijin can implement the system that use server replay to automatically scan each player’s game logs to determine if the player is a BOT or not by examining the player’s movement routes and keyboard & mouse input usage if they are deemed likely to be using bots, clickers, macros, etc.

Anyway, Gaijin’s current approach to bots is nothing more than a cat-and-mouse game, and only adds to the burden on the GM or even the administrators themselves so my sabotage against botters will never end.

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Well, TKing will give you more of an immediate feedback, but you’ll find it’ll be on the wrong end… Much the same with recommending others to partake in your silliness.

How on earth can someone do 8.5k (AB), 7.5k (RB) or 2.7k (SB) battles in a month??!! (those are the top players in each)

without the use of that-which-shall-not-be-mentioned…

We’re playing 24/7/365 here sir.

I once did a 72 hour gaming stint one time, and I actually got so messed up it was actually screwed up…

Since players can’t choose which matches they join, there will be on average a equal distribution of bots and cheaters.

Theoretically, in practice, bot accounts support specific planes that are able to bomb the base. Different nations have them on different BRs

Just on the off chance you weren’t being facetious.8.5 k games in a 30 day month = 283 games a day, 11.8 per hour, all day, every day…

Oh yea, nah I know… It’s impossible… But yea, ‘they’ are doing it. 24/7/365… Insane.

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The forum isn’t the right place to discuss rule breaking behaviors in game, thus I’m am locking this topic. Please use the server replay report tool in order to allow a Game-Master to investigate and take necessary actions.

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