Bots in air sim

I have just created a bug report concerning the inversion of bots in teams in aerial simulator mode (The fact that the Americans face American bots and the Russians face Russian bots).

do not hesitate to support the bug-report with the link below so that this bug which has been there for too long is finally corrected

Problems with Bots in air simulator mode // // Issues


The thing with bots is that they’re not a “bug” per se. They’re bad, but you can’t just patch bots out of the game. You can combat them, but bots are fundamentally players cheating and not a hardcoded thing in the game. They can try to patch out as many avenues for bots to be used as possible, but in the end, players will keep trying to find new ways to bot.

We all hate bots and we all want them gone, but they’re not a bug that can be patched out of existence. People will keep finding ways to run new scripts to bot accounts.

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My report does not concern players who use bots but the bots implemented in the game (bomber wave, ground convoy) do not correspond to the nations present in the game (players who play American planes must shoot down B-bombers). 57 and Bradleys while players with Russian planes must destroy raids of Tu-14s and BMPs)


Oh. Sorry for misunderstanding.


No problem