Bombs explosion sound

Come on, you leave tons of explosives on the ground, and you barely hear a little explosion behind you.

I’m talking about jet bombs.

Please, increase the volume of those explosions!

It was so immersive and satisfying with the loud sounds from the last Seek and Destroy update! (it was removed)

Please, they are bombs; they must be loud! Thank you.

The previous sounds haunted me ngl.
Everything sounded soo bizarre and some terrifying (the LAV-AD), i’d be shot and not know what hit me with all the stuff happening with the sounds, not to mention arty.

Each individually sound had its own annoyance and blasted my ears every time i heard it

It was almost impossible to hear any engine if an autocannon is firing anywhere near you. Everything was soo Loud it sounded like a cheap sound mod made to mimic IRL sounds.

I hated it, still do, hope it NEVER comes back.

And bombs are loud enough imo, even when they hit the dirt relatively far, its not that hard to hear. Explosions though are alright.

Are you talking about Jets? No. You are out of the rail , sorry.
We are not talking about tanks.
I’m talking about J E T S.

youre right, just ignore all but the last 2 lines

Just like in real life

Just like in real life

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Bombs are loud.

“BOMB” is the acronym for identifying something loud.
They must be noisy. They are BOMBS.

In addition, we are in a video game. Things must be SPECTACULAR.

That’s it :)

If you’re going supersonic in a jet, how does one hear the sound of bombs exploding behind them?

it’s a videogame. You play from external camera.

You shouldnt. But i believe that there is an option to turn off the speed of sound and have sounds play instantly.

I believe not? Just curious honestly

Go to options and open the sound tab. There is a tick on/off labeled “speed of sound”

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Nice, didn’t know this ;)

rightfully so
I played 3 matches with the new sounds and I got a headache from how bad the sounds were

do you play air?

and tanks