Bombs arnt big enough?

how large of a bomb do I need to satisfy the challenge requirement ot 1000 ? I used 1000 lbs bombs ,no credit. then tried 2000 lbs bombs ,still no credit. How big of a bomb do I have ? Is 3000 lbs big enough?

Above 1000 KG, not lbs. You’ll need to use 1500 KG, 3000KG, or 5000KG bombs.


Look at the bombs in your Secondary Weapons window. Hover over them and look at the “Mass weight”, that needs to be MORE than 1000kgs. If it is exactly 1000kgs, I don’t think it will count. I used the Russian Tu-2S and it can carry 3x 1000kgs bomber. Mass weight of each is 1077Kgs . . . they worked fine.
2.2 lbs = 1 kilo, so US bombs need to exceed 2200lbs to qualify. Once you get the proper bombload, it’s not too bad really. Just have to do some maths . . .

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Yeah, which I find annoying, if it’s 1000kg, it should allow a 1000kg bomb to work. German SC1000 bombs don’t work, only SC1800, which is only carried by the ME-264, and the Fritz X doesn’t work dispite it being 1400kg.

According to wiki the3 SC1000L2 bombs in WT have 1009kg mass, according to WT wiki they have 1000kg but check the actual weapon data in your aircraft load screen - if it is even 1kg less than 1000 then they don’t count.

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1000kg, not Lbs.

1000kg is ~2200lbs.

I used the 3000Lb bomb on the F3H Demon, because it was the only plane I had with a big enough bomb lol.

Just note, the 1000kg bomb on the FW-190 F8 doesnt count, I tried that one first. (The mission said AT LEAST 1000kg so I figured it was enough)


Not less than 1.000 kg… that means 1.000 kg is just OK!

Just note, the 1000kg bomb on the FW-190 F8 doesnt count, I tried that one first. (The mission said AT LEAST 1000kg so I figured it was enough)

It works perfect.

Same here. I used the F3H-2’s 3000 lb demolition bomb.

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SC1000 works, the challenge is just a bit buggy so sometimes it doesn’t register. Same with the 2000lb US bomb.

Also, I got a 1800kg monster within 30 meters of a T-44, and it didn’t kill it…

Considered as AGM

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It actually says “armament mass no less than 1000 kg”, but still 1000 kg bombs don’t work.

I did it with my 190 F-8 with its 1000kg+4x 50kg loadout. Both the first and last stage. The mid one i did with Do 335 B-2 and its 250 and 500kg.

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Is there a Bomb with a Mass of exactly 1000kg in it’s statcard?

Didnt work for me, got a kill with it and it counted towards the medium bomb score.

Finished it finally with the SC1800 on the ME264.

It didn’t count for me either.

Yes, the SC-1000, but it doesn’t count towards the challenge.

So that’s why there’s people with ME 264’s and TU-4’s in Ground RB…

Yes, German SC1000L2. And it works. As does the American AN-M66A2 (2196.4 lbs /996.3 kg).

The trouble is, people are trying it with a marginal bomb, and there is actually a bug here, so when they don’t get the credit, they assume they’re just shy of the weight limit and don’t keep trying. But I can confirm both those bombs work fine, when it doesn’t bug out.