Bombing bridges

When is War Thunder going to make it possible for aircraft to bomb and destroy bridges in this Game this is something that we all should have been able to do from the get-go! So, why can’t we? It’s only natural to bomb bridges so enemies cannot cross the bridge they have to find a shallow spot on the river to cross the river and on a lot of these maps, the rivers need to be deeper so the amphibian vehicles can have fun too! And shallow crossing in two or three spots for the Tanks and whatnot to cross. That would make this better to play in realistic mode anyway. I’m talking about ground Tank battles in realistic mode


You are able on some maps if I’m not mistaken, Shows a few red squares.


I have tried to do it on a lot of maps I haven’t been able to when we should be able to do it on any map!

I have not tried for ages… but as mentioned you can bomb bridges, may depends on some circumstances and I think there is a kind of reward for its destruction

I use to bomb bridges in Arcade to stop the AI tanks or at least to make them divert course… but as mentioned it may depend on a few things

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I have dropped four 2000 LB bombs on a bridge and it just didn’t do anything but make a lot of dust lol

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Try to get a video next time you try.

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There’s very few maps with destructible bridges.

Actually for me only the very old Korea Air map comes to mind, where you could bomb (and even torpedo) 2 or 3 bridges…

For sure would love more maps with bridges and other point targets, especially for high tier withguided munitions.


Yeah it would be really cool if they added maps where bridges were like bases you had to take out with GBUs cause of the SPAAs there.

some bridges may have very small hit boxes and or even broken hit boxes

Feel free to make a bug report or even PM Tech Mods first to see if there are indeed issues with bombing bridges


You could make suggestions for targets such as bridges as strategic targets


There’s only one bridge that I know of in this game and that’s the one in that desert scenario it’s got the greats laying between the places that have been knock out but everybody can go around each side of that bridge so doesn’t matter because of river, is not Deep enough to stop the enemy you know most of the rivers in this game are not Deep enough the stop Tanks

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To clear up the confusion, he is talking about bridges in ground rb and not air rb.


Hm, better would be if they consisted of different parts (pillars, road) which can be destroyed individually.

For EC, bridges could even be repaired over time, it if you destroy a pilar, it takes longer to repair than only the road. And if more elements are destroyed, obviously even longer.

This could even affect movement of convoys etc.

But I guess those are already very advanced ideas for the very simplistic mission design possible in WT… = (

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Sounds like they would be disabled for game play balance in that case

yeah would be cool ^^

Welcome to make suggestions then, and could even make a case for secondary methods for crossings when bridges are knocked out

Well if that’s the case there’s a issue with that. Bridges are part of a maps assets, it does not have its own separate damage model to be destroyed. There are ones that you can take out parts of the bridge but not the entirety of it.

It would slow the enemies’ advance to get to the objective and capture point but these rivers that War Thunder has aren’t rivers are just creeks that are only a foot or two deep that’s what I don’t understand we have amphibious vehicles in this game and there’s no maps to really utilize them I mean you see what I’m getting at if the rivers are deeper all War Thunder has to do is make a dirt Rd. going up to the river a shallow crossing slows the advancements down see I think you’re making better gameplay in realistic mode of course and for God’s sake open up the maps and quit downsizing them and set the battle timers for 30 to 45 minutes hey it’ll be more fun, if the battles last longer and it’s not as easy to take out a tank as it is now well I have to go to bed now it’s 3:30 in the morning here so have a good day see y’all later bye!

Recently played a map where you could blow up the bridges and make the AI vehicles go around the long way I believe, but playing as Japan we couldn’t do it anyways.

You have two problem is that if you limit the road it make easy for the attacker/defender defend on certain points where you can cross over without bridges. Deep water is also problematic because there aren’t much nations thave verhicles that can cross deep water.

What game mode you are discussing here?

-I am a bit confused. In Air Battles, destructible bridges are marked as targets and obviously can be bombed and destroyed.

-In Ground Battles bridges are part of map designs and making it all destructible will have too big influence on map (IMHO).
Same with deep rivers. Years ago, many rivers were much deeper than they are now, but that created a lot of confusion and random deaths, IMHO that’s why right now majority of rivers in ground maps are traversable (is that even a word?). They will slow you down but not make your vehicle drown.

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it is a real word. Traverse Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster