Bombers need a huge buff

yes im not an air player who is trieing to play with bombers and i think gametime is not matter . u got the same problem with 60 or 100+ gametime

I think it is more of a gameplay issue for bomber seeing that the current meta is fighters.It would be no surprise if a bomber that is flying at half of their alt irl, no formation and especially no escort ( unless they actually waited for the someone to catch up) to easily be intercepted by enemy plane.
So they basically have to resort to dove toward the base to bomb and hopefully not dies and rtb to just be killed latter on cuz their climb rate suck. Which doesn’t really helps the team much, how often have u ever seen a match ended by bombers?
Bomber doesn’t have a spot in arb rn and are more suited to the big map of sim or ec. Also i think they nerfed the gunner just cuz ppls complain about them a lots back then which if you have played air assault then u know that those thing are literal aimbot sometimes.




Yeah, I agree. bombers, strike aircraft, interdictors, etc etc. None fair well in ARB these days. But they are all rather fun in ASB.

ARB just needs a fundamental re-design (perhaps removal of enemy markers making stealth an option for bombers) or they need to add an RB EC Gamemode (Air Sim, but third person, RB controls and GRB style markers)

Though I think heavy bombers could certainly benefit from an overhauled damage model. Rather outdated and overly simplified.


I also wondered what would happen if the bombers got more ground targets or if they started at +1k altitude

The word “think” is imho decisive here. Bombers used in Ground battles and in Air battles can be used effectively in case you have experience and you are able to transform this experience (=training) into doing the right things at the right point in time (=skill).

I prepared for another fellow player (also a ground player at lower BRs) regarding bomber game play this short summary if you use them in Air RB:

It might help you to get better or not…

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Actually having a guranteed things to bomb would make a big difference. Aircraft like the Tornado can just forget ever hitting a base these days. and the last time I flew a lancaster. There was no bases left either by the time i got close.

Bombers are 'aight in air AB, though even then they get shredded by fighters. You do actually have to think about attacking them, however- since AI gunners actually do something.

Tbh bombers just need buffs overall, however.

Yeah, Im hoping in June with the split BRs most can loose a full BR.

I feel bad for a lot of the brit bombers with only 7.7s tbh…

Hope they come down in BR, rn they are quite literally just punching bags.

That rework ain’t happening seeing how gaijin caters to the fighter players ( which I’m a part at cuz it is actually fun), i can think of several solutions:

  • Let bomber spawn higher: still won’t solves the fundamentals issue, just make it harder for them to be intercepted and give more incentives for space climbing
  • Modular crew: make it so important crew like gunners or pilots of the plane can be replaced by others with a wait time of 2-5s for gunner pos and 5-10s for pilots
  • Make map larger: won’t be happening especially since the community voted to remove ec map for prop arb (which i agreed with)
  • Move base respawn time down to 2 min or smth
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Yeah, though calibre alone isnt the entire issue. They also have terrible turret coverage. its easy to hide in their blind spots

lower base spawn time, or just add the AF as a target would make a LOT of difference. Modular AFs already exist for EC. So easy C&P there.

Yeah, making crew tankier might help, but also bombers are just rather flimsy currently. But I doubt they’d ever overhaul them like you said.

Higher spawn might help, maybe also move them forward a bit too.

The AF not being a target in RB is wack, dont know why they removed it. Hell, even AB has that.

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Yeah. well, when it was a thing in RB, games could be ended by bombers (its why bomb load is a balancing factor) but yeah, its need to restored. A guaranteed target that you can drop bombs on is the main reason why I play SB for attackers

You have a lot of guaranteed things to bomb at the center of the map - unfortunately it makes no economic sense to attack them.

But for bases you need at prop BRs a Wyvern or Ju 288 (=premium) or a B-18B at 4.0 (with lousy income) or a B7A2 with one guaranteed base kill even at full uptiers (9 x 60 kg kills every base).

I described the reasons here:

yeah, but that doesnt do mcuh to help 99% of attackers, Strike aircraft, bombers, interdictors, etc. and yeah, those ground targets are basically worthless. Especially if you need to fly through a furball to try and hit any of them

For me its more like…


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