Bomb drop series

i cant use my drop bomb series to drop all of my bombs anymore because i use the weapon selection thing to switch between my missiles and such and it worked before this update is this a bug or something?

Already bug reported, they’re working on it.

ok thats good

You just need to set a keybind for “Exit selected weapon Mode” and bomb series will work correctly, dropping your pre-set amount. If you are already using weapon selection. Then i’d advice setting a keybind for “Secondary weapon ripple quantity”, you can pick a bomb drop amount mid flight, including selecting “S” to drop all

Actually, I think they have “fixed” it, by simply blocking the 2 being used together. Im now not expecting them to get bomb series actually working whilst you have weapon selector enabled. I think its just conflicting code that cant be fixed without total re-write. Instead I hope they expand ripple modes

New patch arrived today.
Drop Bomb Series has already been solved!!!
A bug that caused dropping bombs in series to not work with the “Bomb series” option disabled in the settings has been fixed.

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I think… all that means is that if you have bomb series set to disabled in the spawn menu, it will just drop all bombs sequentially. I think. But it will still not work with weapon selector enabled i reckon

I play WT on Xbox, mostly Air SB Rank II, since the last update bombing and firing rockets in series is not working. Even when using the secondary weapon selection.

This is especially when flying an aircraft that carry both bombs and rockets.

This makes it a lot harder to kill targets with aircraft that has weak bombs and rockets like the Hudson.

My only problem with ripple is it only goes up by a certain amount until its continuous
Id just like the ability to set it to drop all at once

Yeah, it is its biggest failure and the only reason I will have bomb series set, either to 6 on the Tornado Gr1/Buc S2 or All in pretty much everything else, so I can drop my bomb load in 1 go. Sequential (S in Ripple) will drop all, but does so in quick succession not all at once. Means for lofting its not accurate.

was a suggestion on the old fourms that really needs to be added, The best addition from that would be to change ripple from 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. To +2 (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) would allow much greater freedom. would also love an “A” option, which would function the same as Bomb series: all

Using it i also found it kinda odd
I have it set to drop 8 bombs at once but its dropping 6-4-4

Okay, that is wierd behaviour I’ve never encountered from Ripple modes.

I figured it out
Its because the ripple amount gets halved each time you drop
The actual sequence is
8-4-2 When im dropping it
My plane only carries 14 bombs

I had to double check and forgot earlier haha

Ah… Yeah, you can only use a ripple mode if you have enough bombs for that mode.

I.e you can only use “8” if you have 8+ bombs. If you have 7 or less then you only have access to 2, 4 or S.

So with 14, you drop 8, you are left with 6 bombs. So then can only choose to drop 2, 4 or S.

Well hopefully gaijin works on the ripple quantity more
If it was setup better it could remove the need of bomb series entirely

That is the hope for many SB players, not necessarily to remove Bomb series, but to remove the need to use it

I have figured out by setting up a keybind for firing secondary weapons and then using the secondary ripple function it works as intended for bombs. The same the rockets. Now you can at least select the number of bombs/rockets dropped or launched on the fly, irrespective of the series selection in the map ready screen.