Bomb drop F84K with CCRP

Please correct me if I’m wrong. For the F84K, to kill a base, you need 3x 1000LB bombs and 1x 2000LB bomb.

But by default, bomb drop series is disabled, and you need to remember to turn it on before spawning. If not, there is no way to drop all your bombs at the same time with CCRP.

Because you have different types of bombs, you can’t you select ripple quantity, cause that only selects the quantity of the selected weapon type, but with multiple weapons it doesn’t work. Thus, if you forget to set your bomb drop series before spawning, you’re screwed.

Gaijin please fix

This one second delay between bomb types has been added as a feature a while ago, to prevent accidental firing, but I agree that it is absolutely unwanted in some cases, and Id love to see it implemented differently.

Workaround however: Use 4x napalm bombs, as they do the job just as well as 2x Mk.84 + 2x Mk.83…

Ahh fair. I like to toss bomb so I can drop like 4-5km away from the base, and with the napalm, it doesnt glide like the bombs do, so i need to fly right on top of the base.

I flew a lot of F-84F for event points and bomb from high ALT with the computer. I found that if you have a button/key bound for ‘drop bomb series’ but don’t select a number pre battle it will drop all of a bomb type. In the case of the F-84F, it is two taps or a hold and they all drop. (Two 2000lbs, 2 1000lbs)

This might be because of the weapon selection bug. Do you use Weapon selection?

If so, bomb series will just drop all bombs sequentially regardless of what is selected so long as weapon selection is enabled.

Indeed I do. But I don’t believe I pre-select a bomb type in the F-84F—I usually just yolo all of them with the aforementioned tap/hold. That said, I have had hung bombs before when using the computer and using the weapon selection.

I was also flying a lot of A-4H and use weapon selection for that with the 5x1000, 2x500 load-out. I wish it would reset after landing and re-arming.

Bind a button to deselect selection :))

Yeah, have something bound to deselect weapon selection before using bomb series. The bug occurs even with nothing selected. But what we really need is bomb ripple overhaul. Make it so it can be used fully and almost eliminate bomb series

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I have a button bound to drop bomb series, but when travelling at 800kph IAS or pitching up to toss bomb, the split second between the bombs dropping in series vs all the bombs beind dropped at once is the difference between all the bombs hitting the base or some of the bombs hitting the base, at least in my experience

Yeah, that is my experience too. So i either run bomb series and just toggle off weapon selection and it releases the desired bombs simultaneously or i run ripple mode and just overkill bases. (Like throwing 8x Mk83s, even though it only take 6-7 just so i can use 8 ripple mode)