Big maps in BR10

Dear Gaijin,

Why the hell you put 120x120 km maps in BR 10.8 and 10.0??? I cant even understand …WHY??? Really its so fckn annoying. The Su-25K is unplayable useless waste of time. It takes minimum 4-5 minutes till I reach the battle. Why its neccessary? Who was that developer who thought it will be a good idea? Let me tell you guys, NO ITS NOT!! I beg you, remove this fckn huge maps from that BR… it ruins the gameplay!


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Well you choosed to use an ATTACKER in AIR RB mode,… → go play tanks ^^" (not what TO fans are going to enjoy though…)

But for real now,… we as a communtiy asked that MAPS gets big accordingly.

Also,… this is not even the fullest size map is it?
I think there is one more step for this one.

And btw,… your playing a realistic game,… if you prefer closed arena, press on to Arcade gamemodes ^^"


Air spawns 14KM away, you’re going ~800km an hour, how do you get 4 minutes?

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Payload friend,… Payload maxed out to reach bases.

But,… it’s his choices is dealing with, not ours.

Oh they’re talking about Air RB, yeah that’s gonna take a while to fly.

It doesn’t even matter that much anyway, the base Su-25 wrecks in both GRB and ARB.

Yeah, EC is 256x256.

It sucks more to get an EC map in an A-10

Air players getting a big map
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Ground players getting a big map

Most ground players with more than 3 braincells prefer large maps, just that the kind of people gaijin makes the most money from are not in groups which have more than three braincells .

I don’t mind big maps but sometimes it’s just open fields letting you shoot from one spawn to the other after driving for just like 2 seconds

Ah yes the “5.3+ naval” spawn style