BIAS? Or will you be disadvantaged in a match with an activated mission. (See Gif)

I finally managed to capture a situation that happens to me very often when I use a booster or I was in a match with an active mission. When you hit a tank with a grenade that would normally destroy a tank, but it is not destroyed, you always hear arguments like: “Maybe you were just unlucky and the angle was 0.1 degrees too steep.” Okay, but then I want to understand why the BTR was not destroyed by my 1000KG bomb that exploded maximum 2 meters next to it! BIAS? Or is it due to the fact that my active mission was called: Destroy anti-aircraft vehicles. I rather assume that there was an error in the collision detection. But something like that should not happen.


In this situation, i think the BTR58 have just spawning and have the 15s invulnerability spawn protection.


No I was under his fire for a long time before that.

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Belief things are rigged is just paranoia. They don’t pick on individuals and recognising confirmation bias is an important skill in life.

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That sure looks like an issue of the BTR being spawn protected. Odd things do happen in the game from time to time, though.

Post the server replay so we can check it out.

One thing I did experience that the only time I lost connection to the server in years was the one time I used a massive booster in years.

Typical “head in the sand” Gaijin fanboi response. The game is 100% rigged and in more ways than one. The proof has been posted time and again.


I wouldn’t accept your claim with anything less than access to the full replay.

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What do the perils of confirmation bias have to do with that? The game is full of questionable decisions/actions, doubting does not equal “fan boi”, your response is just lazy.

Boosters effecting match is pure tin foil, get over it.

Silly billy.

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So I’ve experienced 2 times now that I’ve been killed within 10 seconds after being spawned. I don’t know what kind of “spawn protection” is being talked about here?

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As soon as you start moving forwards your spawn protection goes after a few seconds. Stay still when you spawn if you want the protection. You can still move your turret/shoot.