BI-1 Is Pay-to-Win and needs to be dealt with

Every time in SQB from 7.7 to 6.7 it is the only used plane together with Arados. As no props have a chance against it unless the BI pilot goes on headon or is absolute tool, cause BI just dances around Spit 22/24 or Bearcats with ease.

Every Spitfire in game gets massively outclimbed, outrun (unless in a dive and going for the redline) and outturned by BI. Are you trolling, or are you just so clueless about aircraft performance in this game?

The IS-6 is one of the worst 7.7s.

Really? It more or less kept up with my Vickers MK 1. If it was stabilized, it’d be a beast.

The gun, reload and survivability are terrible. If it was still 7.0 I’d agree on it being op.

The survivability is not terrible at all. APDS mediocre shots with the L23A1 (the Vickers MK 1 and Centurion MK 10 APDS) will mostly bounce and HEAT doesn’t do a lot of damage. With it also pretty agile for what it is can further get the enemy to perform a terrible shot.

Reload is slow, I agree, is bad, but for how much post pen annihilation it produces I think the gun is not that bad. Ignoring the reload (because of the smaller caliber) and lack of stabilizer, purely regarding pen and post pen, outside of facing a MAUS or well angled armor I’d choose the D-30 over the APDS-only L7A1 (Cent MK10).

If you’re scared you’re going to bounce shoot next to the gun. APDS is small enough to not get caught in volumetric. HEAT will oneshot most of the time due to the compact layout and ammo all over the place.

Mobility is good for a heavy but mediocre for a medium and as long as the IS-6 is moving it can’t shoot back either.

For that to happen you have to pen in the first place and with that gun it’s easier said than done.

Or any other heavy or medium or IFV with a front engine.

The L7 is by far the best mid tier gun it’s not even close. The D-30 is terrible if compared to even the APDS only version the Centurion Mk10 gets.