BI-1 Is Pay-to-Win and needs to be dealt with

The BI is pay to win, and in my opinion, the only fully pay-to-win aircraft in this game, and I don’t say this lightly. There are planes like the XP-50 or Wyvern but this is on a whole other level. It is simply impossible to counter for the piston engine fighters it usually faces, I shouldn’t need to go into detail as to why, but sadly I probably will. The BI can only be killed through the total incompetence of its pilot. The only people who would disagree are either BI owners with a big investment, or players who take a cursory glance at the fuel load and haven’t flown a Ki-200 or Komet before. Typically, a successful engagement against a BI in a prop is not so much “won” as it is “survived”.

It wasn’t quite as bad when this plane was more rare but lately I’ve been getting them every other match, sometimes multiple BI on the other team. Get this plane away from props and early jets, it is causing serious harm to the 5.7-6.7 bracket.


Bro it’s like 200 USD to get it or a miniscule chance from a toolbox crate. If they someone wants to spend 200 USD on a plane to win, then they are more dedicated than I and deserve it.


Dont forgot us who got it for free because we did the event.

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I didn’t mention it because you can’t acquire it like that now. So lucky you could do it, I wasn’t playing yet.

Yeah, it suck how event stuff works. I want them to re-release event vehicles with the new events.


It compress hard above 700 kph IAS so if u have the alt then bait him to dive with u or just hope the pilot have bad aim and drain all of his ammo.


I know how the plane performs. I already know what happens if you do this. Your scenario fits exactly what I said, the BI can only be defeated through complete incompetence of the BI pilot.

The BI has no need to follow your dive. If there are teammates remaining at altitude, he can engage them instead, and then come back for you who are now at low alt later. If there are not, he can just cut his throttle and/or perform spirals to burn off speed, follow you down, and kill you once you stop diving or run out of altitude. Once you stop diving your speed will eventually drop low enough that he can just catch you and kill you. If you maneuver, he will outmaneuver and kill you. If you were ever able to outmaneuver him somehow, he can simply zoom as high as he wants, you cant follow that climb, and do whatever he wants. The BI effectively spawns in having already energy trapped the entire enemy team.

Only a thoroughly incompetent pilot will spray all of his limited ammo away at a target he can’t hit, especially when his plane has the performance to get a guaranteed easy shot on any opponent.


I have this plane and I don’t think I’ve ever used it - thanks for the tips - will have a crack with it now! :)

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Never thought I would see the day where someone admits something is pay to win and then actually tries to defend it on that ground.

And regardless of how it is obtained, such as through the “dedication” of pulling out their wallet, or of gambling on lootboxes, nobody “deserves” to be rewarded with the ability to freely ruin the game for anyone unfortunate enough to end up in a match with them.


Please, take my advice and do so. The more people who fly this plane properly and start frequently wiping teams with it, the faster its statistics will get it cranked up to a BR it belongs at.


Kind of you to assume I have some competence!🤣

Well I have some more advice for you then. The starting altitude difference between any prop and the BI is irrelevant. The BI’s TWR and RoC that are matched only by supersonics mean that it can zoom up to 7 KM in seconds, and then rapidly accelerate up its rip speed of about 800 KMH IAS, which is faster than the level flight top speed of any prop at any altitude, so the only way props can run is by diving.

Most importantly of all, you can attain this speed in level flight with, depending on altitude, only about 10% throttle. This will allow you to race around the map at unmatched speed, and your “2 minutes of fuel” can easily last the entire game if you manage it properly, because Gaijin doesn’t understand how rocket engines work and that you can’t really throttle them like that.

Also, don’t waste your ammo on risky shots. Most of the time if you pursue a prop long enough, they will eventually run out of energy and become a sitting duck.

EDIT: Correction, rip speed is 920 kmh IAS, not 800.


A lot of the expensive marketplace vehicles have very, very strong characteristics that make them so sought after.

I don’t know how you get money, but I work my ass off for it and the money I spend on this game comes from the dedication to my job and financial situation. I am well off enough to not constantly worry about money, but I am not going to spend 200 dollars on a low tier non-premium event vehicle for any reason. I’m not dedicated enough to Warthunder to make a stupid financial decision like that. Some people are, and in the example of the BI they spend their money on an expensive plane that overperforms.

They aren’t even super common anyway, so it’s not like they are ruining every game you get in to.

Yeah, pretty bad maneuvering, decent guns, and no fuel sounds PtW to me. If your mad it killed you, you have the right to be, because it’s a massive feat to lose a fight to one of these unless it’s being a Satellite.


Used to be the IS-7 and T-72M2…
Mmmh, T-72M2 🤤

Oh boy, where do I even begin.

Ah yes, I remember when Richard Bong’s P-38 was a thousand bucks…and the only advantage it had over its tech tree equivalent was the research and SL bonus…

Laughable comment, you clearly are either trolling or know nothing about the plane. You don’t seem to be much of an Air RB player anyway so unless this is an alt account, I’m leaning towards both.

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I play air RB regulary (when I’m playing WT, and don’t have a ADHD overdose from war thunder giving me aneurisms) I actually played 4 matches in a row, with the same guy, in a BI, each match on the enemy team, and I couldn’t touch him, because he was satelliting.

Skill issue, maybe, and that’s one thing I will admit to, but the BI is in no way, shape, or form PtW, it’s like a harrier IMO, it fly’s like a fucking brick, doesn’t carry much fuel, and the only reason someone would want it was the cool factor.

I’m no great pilot for I’m shit & have the confidence of one ply toilet paper, But I can definitely see this aircraft’s strength & weaknesses.

In twenty matches since getting I’ve mustered fifteen kills to fifteen deaths.

• Seven long darts

• One to cracked AA that I didn’t realise was an airfield

• Four to lag spikes (Australian internet is terrible) plus one kill credited to to lag putting me in gunsights of a P-80

• Two shoot downs

I’ve found a downwards vertical split-S is it’s weakness besides just general turning along with heavy lockup & light armament ntm headons should be avoided.

This kinda puts it in a bad spot as your armament isn’t +7.0 but your speed is better than -6.0, Still a proper nerf would be making it so the engine manipulation cannot happen yet that would kill all rocket based & mixed propulsion aircraft that rely on rockets to boost climb rate.

I’m not great but I can see the strengths an have used it well but my shit aim makes it so if you see me fear not I’m terrible, But if it’s that USMC2 player then watch them with their one thousand kills or that The Last Mohican player which did an eight kill match a few weeks ago.

I would’ve gone for this aircraft back in 2020 but I chose the Frigate (to bad the TT split so now it lives in a horrible economy), I wouldn’t say it’s P2W for SL crates as that is a free currency but you must rely on RNG to receive it or if on PC then maybe you could call it P2W since I was told it was 150€ (nothing compared to the AMX-50, JS-7, OBJ-279, E-100 at 1300€, Using euros as those are the prices I’ve been told things).

Funny thing is I tried four million SL on crates for once an the animation glitched an had sat on this thing for a week without knowing.

The Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 is basically the Maus of Air Battles since you can’t really put it higher or lower imo.

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If played properly, you wouldn’t be able to touch him whether he is “satelliting” or not unless they are monumentally incompetent, you won’t catch him at the same altitude and you wont outmaneuver him. The plane does not fly like a brick unless it is travelling at over about 700 KMH. Below this speed it will outmaneuver any prop it faces as far im aware, it’s maneuverability is incredible. I don’t think even Ki-84s could turn with that thing. MAYBE an LF Mk 9 could do it. I’ve already addressed why the low fuel load doesn’t matter earlier, which is mostly because the plane can maintain its rip speed in level flight at extremely low throttle settings where it has physics-defyingly high specific impulse.