Bf 109 K4: 20mm vs 30mm

Recently, I unlocked the Bf 109 K4, and have been spading it.

I now have the option to switch my cannon from a 30mm to a 20mm

I don’t know which is reliably better. I’m don’t really go for ground targets, and only really go for bombers when I’m mad at AF camping, which means most of my fights are vs other fighters.

Which one do you guys use / recommend? And which belt?

  • 30mm
  • 20mm
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werent the 20mm additional cannons you are able to put on the plane? i checked the module, yeah the 20mm are mounted wing cannons, you can take both

Hey, yes that’s an option, however the K4 gives you an option to switch out your nose mounted 30mm to a nose mounted 20mm

30mm is more fun, more difficult to manage, 20mm is a better gun

Don’t take gunpods on any of the 109, flight performance goes out the window


30mm in the nose for bombers with 20mm gun pods on the wings but you have to get closer than 20mm in the nose only for fighters

Does the 20mm make you better in terms of speed, turn rate and rate of climb since the 20mm is lighter than the 30mm?

No,the difference is negligible.

Depends on your playstyle.

  • MG151
    Better ballistics curve. Higher muzzle velocity. Similiar damage but takes multiple rounds to kill. Good amount of ammo.

  • MK108
    Horrible ballistics curve. Horrible muzzle velocity. High damage. Takes 1-2 rounds to kill. Low ammo capacity.

I personally always prefered MG151 until realshitter mechanics where I switched briefly to MK108. Now it seems fixed and I am back with MG151.

My understanding is it makes the nose heavier, the gun pods i believe from the top of my head may have differnt performance, dont quote me on it i am not currently looking at the stats. I can tell you the 30mm have less range that the 20mm. I also believe the german ammo has been nerfed recently, but it is still worth using in my book