Bf 109 G2 vs Bf 109 G2 with magical golden lion coating

Here we have Bf 109 G2. Non-trop.
It’s copy and paste of G2 Trop performance-wise:

It should be slightly superior, but it isn’t. Oh well.

But here we also have another G2. If you pay for it, you’ll get 14km/h higher topspeed and PROBABLY better climb and turn (slightly).

The planes should be identical.
Of course this may be statcard error. But for some reason I doubt that.

Just like I wonder why new premium Yak-3 is 4.0 despite being just as good as non-premium Yak-3, which sits at 4.3 and should probably sit at 4.7


Can Germany please get the G-2, too :(


Your BF-109G2 has gunpods loaded, and is thus heavier and worse performing. Hope this helps!

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but there`s difference in green text


It had it. Now it doesn’t. Wasn’t playing when it was available, wish I had it :(

My friend, you missed the point. The core stats are different. Because all techtree G2s are slower, so premium one can be at least a bit pay2win. That’s gaijin for you.
Just like premium F4U4B used to sit lower than F4U4B despite being identical plane, because pay2win is very important to the devs.

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It’s definitely an error. The Yak3(e) is lower due to it having less guns than the TT version.

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The only premium F4UB was the Xbox. Which meant majority flying it were using controllers, which is infinitely worse than mouse and keyboard.

They are identically same aircraft. The only difference is the skin and premium bonuses. That’s it. And now they do sit at the same BR

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I know, I was explaining why it had a lower BR back in the day.

Doesn’t matter. It used to be same plane, lower BR. Similar thong happened to Japanese Bf 109 E7.
And Yak-3 placement is pure pay2win.
The plane is extremely good without that MG, Shvak does the job very quickly anyway.

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No it’s not.

Well, you’re.clueless or probably benefitting from pay2win yourself, so I’ll ignore your ramblings from now on. Feel free to leave the thread.
Shvak does a short work of planes anyway. 1 less MG is a slight loss of firepower, meanwhile Bf 109 F4 is worse in every way but rip speed and is considered a very good 4.0
Go figure.

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The only one rambling here is you. The only thing the Yak-3 does better than F-4 is turn speed.

Ahhh okay

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The Altitude that the speeds are listed at is different, the 200m extra Alt that the Hungarian G-2 is listed at is what gives it the extra listed speed. As you can see the Climb rate and turn rate are identical, which would not be the case if one or the other had more or less engine power or whatever you think would be giving it that extra speed. As other people have already mentioned, the Reason Eremin’s Yak-3 is lower in BR is because it has one less gun, its that simple. In your opinon you might not think that justifies the lower br, but it is objectively worse than the other one. The one less gun may very well be the deciding factor in someone playing the vehicle or not, even if it is at a lower BR.


compare Bf 109 F4 against the F4 trop please

It’s also way faster at most combat altitudes because it doesn’t overheat (Bf 109 loses a lot of speed because of radiators) has better high speed maneuvrability, better armanent, oh and it probably even climbs better outside of supercharger gear switch alt. Oh and it retains energy better.

When I face Bf 109 F4 in Fw 190 F8 or D9 I think “easy kill”. When I see Yak-3 it’s always the same “oh nooo”.

It’s not objectively worse. It saves some weight for a slight performance edge. Also Typhon 1b premium is worse in every way but armanent than 1b late. Same BR. And I see no problem with it.

F4 Trop is noticeably slower than F4. There’s no reason for G2 Trop to not be slower than G2 and 200m at this alt should NO WAY change the topspeed by 14km/h which is a pretty big difference. If you knew how Bf 109’s supercharger worked, you’d quickly realise it’s unreasonable to expect that much of a speed boost.

I’ll happily test both at 1000m if I have the time to do so.

I should have been more specific, its objectively worse in an aspect that has bearing in game. Either way, it is still justifiable that it has a lower BR, even if you disagree with that justification.

I never disagreed with this.

And you are now onto conjecture, which seems to always be where complaints like this go, funny isn’t it. If you want to test it go ahead, you can include it in the bug report I’m sure you won’t be bothered to make about it, because it’s a lot easier to just whine. But please, go ahead and prove me wrong.