Bf 109 G2 vs Bf 109 G2 with magical golden lion coating

No, it doesn’t justify lower BR.
By this logic F-4 trop should be 3.7 or even 3.3 because it has noticeably worse performance (most important metric) compared to F4 which isn’t even that good to begin with. Yak-3 with 1 less MG belongs at 4.7, same spot regular Yak-3 belongs. It still kills with short burts, the difference in firepower is negligible. Such differences don’t constitue going down in BR. What makes it lower BR is typical pay2win approach.


Funny you have no idea how Bf 109 speed to alt chart looks like and that 200m can not change the speed by 14km/h at this altitude, unless some other factor is at work.
As usual, pay2win fanboy is grasping at straws.

If there was no difference, Gaijin would not create a separate stat card, that surprisingly follows the general trend of premiums being simply better at the same BR.

I won’t report this as a bug, because it’s not a bug clearly, it’s working as intended. That’s like bug reporting Su-11 when it sat at 7.0 - what do you expect to happen? “Sorry Loofah, our bad”? Pay2win policy, just like griefing and AF camping is strongly supported by this playerbase.


In your opinon. That being the whole point, that you seem to be ignoring.

You have no idea what i do or do not know. Even if i didnt know it isnt like it is hard to quickly google things like this. What you are saying is conjecture, you are using nothing to back up your claims apart from “trust me bro” and “you dont know what you are talking about”. Provide some evidence about what it should be and if it is not in line with how it is in game, then bug report it. This is the process and always had been, premium or not. Nothing is safe from nerfs or buffs if you can find historical evidence that it should be changed.

This isnt a trend, youve just made that up… There are a few premiums that are better than tt counterparts at the same br, but many more that are simply the same.

What a surprise!

If any part of this game has/had p2w premiums it would be naval, but nobody cares about that so noone talks about it. Just whine more about russian bias and other nonsense.


Clear indicator of pay2winner. Denial, lying, delusions, just to defend the statys quo you’re benefitting from (or maybe you’re just getting clapped by everyone so you see no difference).
XP-50, XP-55, G2, J2M5 (the cannons got kinda nerfed eventually, so no longer the case), TIS MA, ITP (both beat any non-premium ground attackers by a mile), Su-11 vs Su-9 (both used to be 7.0), BI 6.3 (now 6.7, still ridiculiusly OP), AU-1 at 5.7, Wyvern at 4.0 (still super good at 4.3), P-51D10 with almost D30 performance at D5 BR, very fair, Yak-3 at 4.0 because it lost tiny fraction of its firepower, while Shvak can still kill anyone that’s not a bomber with 4 shells on average.

And that’s only planes around prop BRs and that’s only from my memory
Of course you’ll keep lying to me and yourself how 200m alt can magically change the Bf 109 speed by 14km/h (nope, speed charts are all over the net).

Youve named a fair few OP vehicles here, but not so many of them have direct TT counterparts that they are better than, most of these are just good in their own right.I could pull up examples of TT vehicles that are just better than their premium counterparts, like the AV-8C just being better than the AV-8A, the Harrier Gr.3 being years better than the Harrier Gr.1, basically all of the 5.7 Spitfires being better than the Premium Predergasts Fr mk14, but like i said, there are more that are simply the same, either copies or just as effective. If we are talking about OP premiums, yes there are plenty, but there are also plenty of OP tech tree vehicles, and vehicles that are unbalanced in general. There isnt really any trend, apart from maybe that vehicles are added at a lower br than they end up at, but i’ll let you work out why that might be.

All of them are better than TT vehicles of the same BR, often regardless od the TT.

And since I’m sure you didn’t spend 5s requires to find Bf 109 G2 performance chart, here’s one from WT forum:

The plane needs 6000m to go up from 560 to 680km/h but all of the sudden it’s supposed to get faster by 14km/h over 200m. See the problem?

Apart from the ones i specified, and all of the rest that dont follow this “trend”.

Dont worry, I never needed to, I’ve always seen your point, but like I said, it is based on conjecture. Maybe, just maybe, there is something that you don’t understand, that explains it. This is why creating a bug report would help, because even if it isnt a bug, you might get an explaination as to why that is the case.

How is it different from the techtree Mk XIV?
Well, it’s not.
This is the type of copy-paste premium. Same goes for premium A8, premium Ki-61b, premium Dora, etc. etc. etc.
There’s plenty of copy-paste premiums.
And they are OK.
But there’s also plenty of pay2win premiums. Even israeli premium Spitfire Mk IX is pay2win since it has vastly improved ground attack ability compared to other Lf MK IX Spitfires. It’s a small pay2win, but pay2win nonetheless.

Meteor Reaper - a lot better ground attack capability compared to same BR techtree planes. So pay2win. In ground RB, but pay2win anyway. You can’t really replace it with something else.

Be-6 - absolute nightmare to fight for anyone, of course premium.
Best 5.3 for a long time (might be 5.7 now, and is still super good after ammo nerf and going up in BR) - P59A - premium.

And see a trend? Eventually some premiums go up in BR. But they terrorize the game for years before this happens.

Of course there is. Same reason why prem Yak-3 is 4.0 - pay2win.

My man forgor galers F3F 😔

Isn’t it a copy paste techtree F3F, though?

Yeah, lets forget that for some time 4 SRAAMs were absolutely slaughtering everything. Once Gaijin sold enough of them, it got nerfed, because it made the game unplayable. It might even have had lower BR, so argument failed.
It was one of the most egregious examples of pay2win.

Was AV8A worse than C? I think it had the same engine and armanent, so basically the same aircraft. Was there some hidden difference?

Its .4 lower br then the normal F3F lmao

Yeah, in Arcade, but still - WHY? :D

It is heavier because it has reconnaissance equipment, has clipped wings and generally worse high altitude performance. It is basically worse in every way of flight performance.

Still is, no RWR and doesn’t lose pylons to cm pods

And it no longer can be bought.
I don’t know its story, because as you can see, in many cases there were major BR changes/nerfs that happened quite a long time after introduction.
Gaijin likes to introduce “flavor of the month” premiums.
Some get nerfed, some are never better than techtree - and these are the good premiums.
Back in the day even World of Tanks premiums were usually worse than techtree. Lowe f.e. was simply worse than Tiger II. It worked fine. But Tiger II worked better. Then everything went to …

I checked Dogeness’ deck speed chart and found the German and Swedish G2s have the same top speed. To make sure it wasn’t just a copy pasted assumption, I’ll test them myself too.

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Link ploxxorz :P

Edit: nevermind, found it. Yeah his Italian 109 G2 has thr same topspeed as the rest.
That makes G2 universally useless, I thought only trop is inferior to F4.

On the other hand, filter may only affect high alt performance. I’ll just go 400 IAS at 5000 and see if the engine power is the same.

Only the stat cards are different. The actual performance is not.

Then it actually is false advertising. Hmmm.

There are a lot of stat cards that are wrong, both premium and tech tree.

Both Me 163s do well over 955 km/h at 4.5 km despite that being their stated top speed.

Premium US P-51D-20 and tech tree Swedish J26 both do the same 698 km/h at 7.62 km as the P-51D-5 despite their stat cards stating 710 km/h.

It used to be that Griffon Spitfire stat cards were wrong, but that reported to the devs and fixed. So the best course of action is to bug report the stat cards yourself.