BF 109 F-1 slow take-off (AIr RB)

Hello, I’m back to the BF 109 F-1 after a long time. I have now flown the E-4 for a long time. I was shocked by the difference in the take off of both these planes. The BF 109 E-4 takes off very fast, quick start, while the F-1 is a snail! It takes forever to get going, all the other planes pass it on the runway. Are you observing this too?

Even in flight itself, I feel that the E-4 flew better, but F-1 should have better flight characteristics. Better climb, turn rate, speed…

Is there something wrong with his flight model now? As for the flight, maybe it’s just a matter of habit, but the “take off”? has it always been like this? totally shit accelerate on the ground.


The E-4 has better climb and acceleration.
The F-1 is faster and loses less speed because of improved aerodynamics.

I can’t imagine it ever was any different than what you describe.


Try it on the pyrenees map in a custom game, the E-4 starts and takes off no problem, but the F-1 with the same engine and possibly the same propeller feels as if it was moving through tar

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Also, are you sure they have the same amount of modifications ? If one is spaded and the other stock, ofc there will be differences

Seemsl like it’s bug related.

I’m no expert but I can say this:
On manual and auto engine control the E-4 greatly out accelerates the F-1.
With auto engine control the F-1s prop pitch is constantly changing on take-off, resulting in these acceleration hick-ups.
You can see it in the cockpit with the prop pitch changing all the time.

On Auto the E-4 uses a prop pitch of 80% while the F-1 uses 60%. Hence the difference in acceleration.


I’m not stupid, of course I’m comparing spaded vs spaded.

Thanks for the possible explanation. Now that I try to remember, I think I noticed this years ago too, when I was flying F-1, it had this problem back then too, it is still the same today.

Funny, I have been playing the 109 E7 with a squad mate.

Last night I decided to fly the 109 F2 for a game, just for a change.

My squad mate raced straight past me on the runway and was over 2km ahead of me when we got enemy contact.

It felt like something was seriously ‘off’ with how poor the acceleration was on the F2.

I won’t be flying it again.

Real life tests of the first F-2 captured by the British confirms what you experience in game.

The F has inferior takeoff performance compared to the E with the reason being attributed primarily to the automatic propeller pitch mechanism, plus it had heavy elevator control which reduced effectiveness at low speeds and lifting the tail was delayed as a result again having a minor negative effect on acceleration.

It wasn’t significant Irl, but of course in game you have simultaneous takeoff runs alongside multiple types and variants that will exaggerate any differences.

Once airborne the changes between the variants were deemed positive with reduced pilot workload particularly in combat situations, and better overall performance.

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Oh thank you for this post, very interesting. I can confirm that this acceleration issue affects both the F-1 and F-2 versions.