Better AA for Germany. (9k33 Osa)

Germany needs better anti-aircraft defenses. Since the VT1 was changed, the FlaRakRad is unplayable at long range. already from 7 KM the VT1 becomes unmanageable.

I would suggest the (9k33 Osa) this is an anti-aircraft system from the NVA

  • It has a range of 12-15KM



6 rockets good range try to make a suggestion about it we need new SPAA for top tier


Already Done i only need to wait till the mods aprove it

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Bruh, no

why not ?

  1. OSA should first arrive at SOV TT.
  2. Introducing another nice AA for major TT should be only after fixing minor ones and their lack of SPAA.

I wouldn’t say this would be better, it was just as bad as the Tunguska but had a bit more range, even the modernized variants of it weren’t all that great, there’s a reason Gaijin skipped straight to the TOR and Pantsir. You’re better off sticking with the FlaRakRad. All I will say is don’t let the range fool you.

They already have the Pantsir USSR don’t even need it

And? It a will surely have lower BR than Pantsir, maybe even lower than Tunguska (depends on the modifaction and implemintation). But anyway it should go to SOV first (cause well… Its a soviet vehicle)

This should probably be moved to the suggestion forums.

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USSR ZSU-23-4 at 8.0, Strela-10M2 at 9.3 2S6 at 10.7 and Pantsir at 11.7 they don’t need the OSA what’s so ever they already have good SPAA plus german only have the roland system that only have two rockets (only exception is the Ozelot) that gaijin nerf to the ground

it still decent enough.
And well, germany dont need SPAA too.
But anyway, it first should go to Soviets. Same as Lynx should go to Germany too

isnt the tor system in the china tt also russian?

Yep. And it should go to soviets too for collection


any luck?

I like this


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i want this

we need this