Best way to grind

I am a new player who just started trying air realistic battles. I would gladly appreciate it if you could reply what the best way to grind is

Find good squadmates and add them to your friendslist, jack the music up, and go ham.


My advice is not to grind. Just enjoy each vehicle you acquire (assuming you like airplanes). By doing so, you will progress through the tree naturally, avoiding the frustration that comes from hasty, indifferent advancement.


More you stay alive, more RP you get.

Get some kills and prioritize staying alive DON’T be like “let me get this bomber that 5 of my teammates chase” or dive from 5000 to kill some attacker.


Hmh - my first thought was:

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Imho the fellow player above is correct:

If you are really interested in flying, the grind is just a side effect of having fun - if you know what you are doing.

In order to have fun it is essential:

  1. To invest some time in research about ACM in general and wt game play and game mechanics. WT Air RB is rather easy to learn, the challenge comes from interactions with other players and your relative and absolute positioning vs enemies.
  2. To know your own goals whilst playing war thunder - and what you are willing to invest to achieve this goal; so either time or money.
  3. To be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses (and those of your enemies) regarding the used aircraft and to your own playstyle. So either developing the ability to adopt multiple play styles (BnZ, energy, turn fight) or to select the “right” planes which are best suited to support your preferred play style.

If you follow these basic rules the grind is rather easy - at least up to rank III / IV. With using the search function on yt you find a hell of tutorials regarding how to play Air RB and how to grind…


Don’t play for the grind, have fun with what you have.


Better don’t do that, you will keep getting stealth killed because you can’t hear engine sounds and ATGMs lol

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Like it has been stated. Find some friends and have fun. Playing in a squad of four is so much more fun compared to just trying to solo play. And always remember it’s just a game. So many people get so upset by the littlest things in this game. Games are meant to be played for fun and enjoyment. If you’ve got the money, invest in premium time. The game just teases you with how much you could have made had you had it and sometimes that just gets annoying. The best times to buy premium time are during the sales. They tend to be 50% off during that time. And once you’re comfortable invest in a premium plane. It doesn’t have to be one of the $70 ones. But do your research beforehand. Because like everyone can tell you here, some premium planes are not worth purchasing. Also recommend purchasing while on sale.

Better is not to grind, but play vehicles in TT and unlock more and more vehicles. Fly them! You will have more experience by playing each vehicle gradually. If you performing well on a plane, you simply can put talisman on it and get more xp by playing thus aircraft.


Live longer (RP cares WAY more about active time than kill count)

Have fun, if you aren’t enjoying the aircraft you’re gonna have a bad time

Variety, use aircraft with different play styles, or an aircraft which can be used in different ways

I’ve been grinding France, Sweden, and Israel all at the same time. I get tired of the French BVR gameplay and I swap to Sweden. I get tired of the Swedish doodoo missile spam gameplay and swap to Israel. I get tired of the Israeli zoom rat gameplay and go back to France. Rinse and repeat + some GRB and the game doesn’t get too stale while I still make progress down the lines.

I’d try and learn how to play SIM. The gameplay is a lot better. You have a lot more fun and you make way more RP

Best advice is to just have fun.

Find a plane you like flying, learn how to use it, learn how to fight different enemies with it, and just use that to unlock whatever you want.

Honestly for me once I got my first couple jets, I just stopped beelining for them, and I went back and just unlocked planes I liked or wanted to fly. Does that mean that I was researching rank 1-3 aircraft despite having rank 6 unlocked and could continue? Yup, but I didnt care, the low tier planes are more consistently fun.

Best way to speed up the grind with no intentions of fun, but rather unlocking the entire Air TT is by getting top tier premium.

-5 FAR Might Mouse rocket pods for guaranteed 1 base of 5k RP or Max Mighty Mouse rocket pods for 2 bases of 10k RP total. Get kills/survive/ground pound can earn up to 20k to 60k RP. Really depends how well of a pilot you are. Or can just fight to try and get kills without worrying on racing to bases vs teammates.

With this I reached all the way to the A-10 in a few days of gameplay. Trying to get the F-111, but I am already satisfied with the A-10 so will take my time now and enjoy the rest.

Need a total of 120 SNEB rockets for 1 base, or bombs for 2 bases, whatever floats your boat and try to get air kills. Same RP reward amount as above. Unlocked the entire UK Air TT pretty quick.

Can do the same with other nations. But that’s up to you, but this is more of a premium side of things. Other ways for F2P is what others suggested above if want to have fun and not in a hurry or rush. Getting into the grinding mindset, there is no fun. There is more frustration because of how fast we want to climb and cant wait to get there. I did this and its quite tiring but so worth as I don’t have to worry about grinding more but rather enjoying them as I spade them. Basically I grinded through it, then enjoy them later is how I do things.

Yeah, he should definitely listen to stealth tanks with ATGMs in air rb

The Air Sim grinding experience:

Join lobby max BR of like 11.0 or 10.7 to avoid MiG-23ML menace


Point towards base

Set SAS to autolevel

Get up

Make food

Take a shower

Check on game

Bomb base

Turn around

Watch an episode of whatever TV show you like