Best premium bombers and strike aircraft?

I bought Tu-1 during the summer sale to grind Russia to the jet era, and plan to get the Ju 288 C or Do 335 B-2 to do the same with Germany.

Anything else from other nations that I should buy?

how about play tech tree?

Seeing your low amount of matches you, might have easier and faster success with the Ju 288 C. You are almost untouchable on your first run, and you play mainly in small 7 vs 7 teams, so you have a guarantee for a base kill. Only AM-1, AD-2s and AD-4s can intercept you due to forward airspawn. But u outrun them easily. Depending on your skill it might make sense to land and j out after your first run as i gets much more difficult a 2nd time.

I flew some years ago 5.000 matches (inactive account) just for fun in the Ju 288 - without any intentions to grind. The income was insane, but the fun in Air RB is gone, i would not even fly or buy it for 5€/$ - but for your grind run it should be ok.

The other obvious recommendation is the Wyvern. With some brain you are almost unkillable and the plane itself is way undertiered. Hordes of braindead users dragged it to 4.0 despite 5.0 performance.

lancaster or b29.
or tu2-s
you can find them in tech tee.