Benelux Containment Thread

This thread is here for people to discuss the viability of a stand-alone tree, or additional subtrees to different nations in the game. Please discuss, and be kind!


Here, have an Orange leopard.

that ones already in the game as a finnland 2a6 skin if i am right

I know they’ve done this to multiple Leopards, so I don’t see why they can’t do it again, or with a different message.

jesus that skin cost 4.34gjn

Orange is a combination of red and yellow (duh). According to ancient Orcish texts this means that it will go faster and give you more wealth. I foresee it to be the rank VIII premium.

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an Oranje Leo

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Like I said before the best way to do this is:

“Main tree+sub tree and other nation.”

A similar thing works for Canada+Australia and New Zealand. If there are any other nations this works with let me know as I would like to know.

I have said before it would be best if both halves came within the same year one in spring and the other in the fall or winter update but we all know that is most likely not happening.

Yeah this seems to be the best idea. I don’t think the word “auxiliary” would grant the deserved respect, but something to that effect should suffice. Could just be “Allied” or “Axis” though this doesn’t apply for post-WW2 warthunder.

what should be the TT flag for the Benelux tree?

all in a row? or like a combined one?

Just the Belgian flag?

When the Benelux comes it will just be called the Netherlands and with just the Dutch flag.
Just like how Sweden is now

or it’ll be called Luxembourg and the Luxembourg tree consists of 2 Subtrees and Manpads guy

he is Armored with NJI IV Composite plates and a Helmet

Many of the newer players I guess, consider this to be a NATO v Warsaw Pact or NATO v Russia themed game . . . lol. The number of players that don’t know about, care about or seem willing to play WW II stuff. And there are other Cold War & Post Cold War alliances up to today that might work, but could get overly complicated in design. Being a bit of a “map guy” I would like to see more “Regional” trees added in the future. As much as RB battles have become “mixed” for a large part, I don’t see that as much of a problem. However, many players have deep seeded “real world” feelings about other nations and putting them together in a regional type tree would prolly cause a lot of problems . . . perhaps. Pakistan & India would make a really good tree, to me anyway. But I just do not see that happening. And there is a great deal of military vehicles that could go in the game from the Middle East, but just not feasible really. At any rate, I support the general idea, but not how these things might be implemented . . and that might be the key issue anyway . . .
Good Luck

I wondered if you have to have all 3 tanks of the same country in a lineup. Research could be allocated in other ways, but there is the issue of crew points ultimately. I don’t know what the country rosters can look like, and as I explore the current ones, there’s already a lot of USA overlap, so I don’t see the point of adding new countries if their roster is just going to be loaded with Shermans. Exploring sub-trees might be the way to go. Build off existing country crew points with a separate research tab, or come up with conglomerate “nations.”
Then again, if they can add Israel, they can add anything.

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it’ll probably be under the dutch flag but there is this somewhat non-official flag

why is the center censored?

As of now, every nation has at least 2 trees, planes & tanks. No matter which nation you select, you can use any of the vehicles to make a line up for the various modes to play. I am not sure they will ever allow/implement any kind of making line ups across differing nations/trees. But if they are in the same tree, regardless of nation of origin or what have you, it should work. I mean you can make a tank line up with Swedish & Finn vehicles now, as an example . . same tree, so MM’er/game does not sort that stuff as “separate” nations. I have to assume, any kind of “mixed nation” tree would also have to follow those rules as well . . . but that’s just me guessing. Never thought I’d see a tree that starts at tier IV, but there it is . . Israel. So . . never say never I guess . . . . lol. And all of that stuff is just speculation at this point anyway . . all up to Gaijin and what they want to do with it really, so we will see . . .