Being able to lock on target with an Xbox are a PlayStation

Being able to lock on a target in realistic mode with an Xbox or a PlayStation is BS and it shouldn’t be happening but in the almighty War Thunder for Xbox or PlayStation it does and it’s BS and this needs to stop or otherwise they need to incorporate it into PC gaming as well this is a cheat and it’s not right, so War Thunder fix it! And put a stop to it! Or do what’s right and put it in PC gaming as well What do you all PC gamers think about this? We can’t do it so why should they be able to do it?


It’s console players what do you expect, trying to manually hit a target is like telling a crew in WW2 to do the same thing. It would just be worse though.

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Well, then they should have incorporated it into PC gaming too because it’s a cheat! In arcade mode we have it as PC gamers in arcade mode but not in realistic mode!

All they have to do is buy an adapter so they can use a keyboard and mouse for Xbox are PlayStation end of story and here’s two of the adapters they can buy


Every console player I know is using keyboard and mouse for tanks. Stop coping


Do they still get auto lock with keyboard and mouse?

As a former PS4 player playing exclusively with a DS4 controller on this game and a PC player using mouse and keyboard since 2017 I invite you to try to play this game with a controller and then come back here to discuss it. I also think it’s ridiculous to see any PC player complain about this with all the advantages we have in this game.

We can manipulate graphics and use cheats, should they be able to do it too?

Also, we can use the Gaijin Market, they can’t.


Autolock is available in arcade for everyone, even PC players.

For console, Stona said there is no such thing

Even if there was, aiming with mouse will surpasses any assists in shooter games and escpecially games like WT where you cant just shoot at tank randomly.


Then why some people are complaining about auto aim if it doesn’t exist?

You do not know what you are talking about you can lock on in pc as well, and u can plug a usb keyboard and mouse anyway into console. And your subject, talking about cheats is banned by forum rules

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They dont know what they are talking about

It’s called target tracking and exists for everyone in Ground AB, including PC players using mouse and keyboard, I only saw one good AB PC player using it with some success, most of the players either don’t use it or don’t even know they can since they feel no need for it. It aims the recticle towards the target but doesn’t compensate for distance or aims for weakspots. And sometimes it can lock on the wrong target or switch between targets if another comes close to the recticle. You can try it, just set it on controls and do a test drive in AB, you can see how ineffective it can be on moving or still targets.

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I play on PS5 with Controller…what the heck is this “lock on target” and how can I activate it?!

The binding that’s defaulted to L2, The OP is more likely complaining about the grey box that appears around aircraft in RB GF (standard mechanic in NF tbh) than any poxy aim assist if I had to guess, But if they’re talking about the target tracking they’re a fool for doing so since it’s possible on PC as well.


Arcade mode they work for PC player’s but they work with Xbox and PlayStation in realistic mode to and they don’t for PC’s and I guess that community manager probably don’t have an Xbox or PlayStation and he’s on computer so how in the world would he know and I know they were on arcade mode because I have a button on my mouse to hold when I use it but there’s only one problem I don’t like arcade mode but they do work for PlayStation and like I said Xbox in realistic mode too and this is wrong they shouldn’t be a cheat And the community manager don’t want to admit it oh it’s on him are her or whoever they are I don’t care so answer me this question how can somebody lock on to you in a split second without leasing you and hit your tank with pinpoint accuracy and knock out your main gun in a split second I mean come on that should prove that either it’s an aim bot or they can lock onto your tank at long range End the story!

Go Here and it will show you

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It’s because its near impossible to free look and fly as the same time on controller, hence you cannot track your target lock on tracking makes up for this although personally I don’t use it and just know where the other aircraft is.

In general “Aim Assist” is a crutch that should not exist in any game ever.

Kidz these days are too soft which is why we can’t have nice things anymore.