Begleitpanzer is better than the Puma IFV Change my mind

My Obinion is that the begleit panzer is much better than the Puma IFV becouse the puma should have a battle rating of 9.7 and not 10.0.

Can someone tell me maybe how to play the Puma IFV more sucsesfull on 10.0.


While you can be much more aggressive with the Begleit, you must be patient and an über flanker with the Puma. Can’t do much else. Map knowledge and ambush positions.
Unfortunately, big maps seem to be extinct at and above 10.0 so you can’t really enjoy big maps and a lot of space to maneuver.

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thx but actualy the best performenc i did with the begleit and the puma were on city maps.

and in ether way i feel like high tier is just not fun anymore evryone just buys a prem and lefts after 1 death :(

yes pretty much…