(Begleitpanzer 57) Bofors 57mm mk1 ammunition

Where did gaijin get the infirnation that the bofors 57 mk1 could fire solid shot AP and SAP shells? But not APFSDS also developed for the 57mm x 438mm cartridge size?

From what ive been able to find it only fires HE, HCER, and PFHE (proximity HE) and the mk3 with a modern fire control system can fire the 3p programnable fuse shell.

Also from what ive found some sources seem to state that the only difference between the mk1 and 2 is the removal of the water cooled barrel and better fire control system.

As well as implying or stating that with little modification the mk1 can fire mk2 shells.

If the 2s38 which uses the same sized russian 57mm ammo as older russian guns then shouldnt the begleitpanzer which uses a standardized gun breach and ammo size for the mk1, 2, and 3 be able to fire other 57mm x 438mm bofors shells?

This is just one example.


If your more knowledgable on bofors 57mm sources please link them in the replies.


I think they do know that there is Apdsfs, but if i remember correctly, most of that round are still classified. Why they dont put a placeholder round like they do a lot, idk.


Probably cuz if it did get it would get bumped to 11.3 instantly.


Id take that hit. Because solid shot ap at 9.3+ against rushing russians is rough. Great for being side on though. Sure its apfsds would likely be lower velocity and likely only able to pen 190mm max in game. But apfsds is apfsds.

the AP for the Begleitpanzer is the AP Model 1967, from the Bofors 57mm L/60. It was simply reused by Bofors.
The SAP appears to be a new development

From what ive been able to find the l70 cant fire the l60 ammo.

The l60 ammo had precussion primer and the l70 switched to electric primer.

Sticking the old shell into a new casing probably wouldnt be too hard when Bofors is already developing anti-ground ammo for the 57mm

Its plausible but as to whether or not they actually did that i cant be sure, as info on the bagelpanzer is hard to find. The bagelpanzer might have just been an spaa with an atgm launcher on it for defense against ground targets.

And idk if there even is an apfsds for the bofors 5.7 like some people have told me. Probably never existed.

“Panzersprenggeschoß” - that is the APHE by the way, not solid AP

The text posted above explicitly mentions engaging IFVs and lightly armored vehicles at medium - long distances with APHE (or SAP, can be translated to both) and main battle tanks at close range with full caliber armor piercing or discarding sabot ammunition

If you head on over to (lets talk about the state of germany) youll see my agreement.

please any new info? someone made a bug report but the docs arent available afaik

Afaik way back in the day on the old forums the same person who had found all the documents on the bagel that helped get it buffed with a stabilizer, larger first stage ammo rack ect had also discovered there was allegedly a dart developed for 57mm but other than that it maybe exists and is probably an adapted 40mm dart nothing else is known about it.

Personally I wouldn’t mind a dart for it and don’t think it would be that crazy of a thing to implement but I am not getting my hopes up.

Why was the APHE round removed when the Bagle got it’s stabilizer?

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The APHE was not removed, Gajin turned it into a Naval SAPHE round which is correct. But the problem with that is that their modeling/calculation of the naval rounds is bad which causes the round to lose any sort of penetration. Its at this point a glorified HE round thats super effective against light armored vehicles but has no penetration thanks to their naval round formula for calculating penetration on naval rounds.

How many years has it been since the begleit has been added?
Took ages to get the stabilizer. Felt like they were deliberately trying their hardest NOT to add it.
Wonder how long will it take to get the helicopter warning device, HOT missiles and the APFSDS?
Could be such a great vehicle if only gaijin didn’t gimp it so bad.

Nah, just would be 10.0 just like 2S38. They would be mostly identical. maybe even 9.7 because 2S38 has access to IRST where Begleit doesnt. Or the Hot missile would make them equilibrium. 2S38 has much better thermals too. so Lets say 10.0 for both. And any BR change in one of them should affect the other.