Before nerfing aircraft fix the bugs, make f16 realistic and give its 10degree/sec turn rate thanks

Fix bugs, before nerfing gripen to its unrealistic form thanks and nerf f16 instead so we will gonna feel difference between aircraft f16 not supposed to out turn the su27 f15, the gripen but it does so stop giving milk to usa mains and fix existing bugs like this:

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Why would they nerf the f16 when the russians have the best long range missiles the best turnrate at high speed, the best dogfight missiles? Hell, the f15 is the worst top tier plane in this update…

Because F-16 is nothing like IRL in the game, it is overperforming drastically, unlike any other aircraft

This is wrong, many other top tier aircraft that turn better than russian aircraft at high speeds

Sorry I was wrong here but, please can you explain to me why does every aim7ms and fs are so trash they just go space exploring when the locked target makes a 1 degree turn… They sould fix every nations problem and create the 12.7 br so the phantoms can live without brain damage from the r27er spam.

Most radars got changed in this patch I think , Su-27 has the same issue. The radar can’t even lock in very easy situations

My recommendation would be: don’t joust Vs 27ER users , this is not a medieval tournament

Try playing more from the sides

İt is like this: F-16C and F-15 radar are much better overall in almost every way compared to Su-27 radar , but the radar missile of Su-27 is better.

İt is actually very easy to notch Su-27 radar , try practicing that