Battlepass "Surrounded" chellenge

Hello, i dont understand this challenge.
I played 2 battles. 1st destroied 2 enemies by tank destroyer. 2nd - 4 enemies killed by M26 Pershing, next 1 airplane by A1H, and 1 or 2 tank.

In chellenge i noticed only 1/3 by airplains.
I dont noticed in land kills.
Someone can explain me somethig about this chellenge? :)

part of this chellege for heli’s. I need to kill 3 enemies by heli? or kill 3 heli’s?

You need to kill 3 enemies of each.

Ground Vehicle
Coastal Fleet
Bluewater Fleet

BUT … I wonder why I don’t get the ground vehicle Kills … I got now two matches with more then 9 ground vehicles killed but still 0 …
Aircraft is done.

Well…in one match I killed 3 helis and got the star
In another match I killed 3 aircraft and got the star

In yet another match I killed 4 tanks with the Leopard 2 PSO, but the counter for ground vehicles is still at 0/3

I think it must be bug… or bad instruction and we need kill some special land vehicle.

What do u think, which mode will be best to kill helis? top tiers? or some 7.7-8.3?

I did it in Ground RB top tier.

And still…after 20 tank kills the counter is still at 0/3

@Smin1080p could you relay this to someone who can help?

The task is kind of bugged, but not really.

It’s in SEQUENTIAL task order…

you first have to do 3 Aircraft kills.

Then 3 helo kills…

then 3 ground kills and so forth.

I got the 3 aircraft kills first, and I’ve been trying to get the 3 heli kills next, but so far no luck (and I have to run errands for a few hours).

But, based on my efforts this morning, I’m fairly certain this is the case.

Which wouldn’t bother me, but please for the love of Jebus put arrows, or a big S or something that tells the player that it’s a SEQUENTIAL set of tasks…so we don’t have to waste time on forums figuring out what Gaijin meant when they made this a challenge!

After trying for it some I can only conclude its bugged AF

Not really…I had the first two stages done, but still no ground kills were counted for at least five matches.

Now, 2.5h after the challenge started, the counter started working.


I got the coastal fleet done … don’t think that it is related to a specific order.

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that seems like nonsense (any BP challenges with several parts can be done in any order…), I did the plane part and the 2 naval parts, killed some tanks but got no advancement on the tank part, didn’t get a chance at a heli yet.

I guess ground battles are bugged…

Edit: or not anymore apparently, thanks for the update by PointyPuffin

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Hey I’m not defending what it appeared to be…but like others I had a battle with air and ground kills, and only the air seemed to count…hence my theory.

I would prefer it be simultaneous rather than sequential, and if they fixed it, then believe me I’m at least as happy as you are about that!

I haven’t played any naval, I guess I can’t complete this?

It’s fixed, just finished it, in the order planes - coastal - bluewater - tanks - helis.

These challenges have never had anything sequential to the best of my knowledge, you can do the different part in any order (though a challenge or part of a challenge initially being bugged has already happened as well…)

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You only killed 1 airplane. What you kill matters, not what you use to kill it

What are you talking about bro, there is no sequence

Bluewater doesn’t work with a plane. I sunk two ships with bombs but it doesn’t counted.

That’s strange since there is nothing in task description that would indicate you have to use ship

That’s why I was confused too … tried it twice. Doesn’t count (until now). Maybe it is also a bit … not working as intended.

Which aircraft were you using?