Battlepass "Surrounded" chellenge

I didn’t have a bomber in the line-up myself and took the one that was “sponsored”, so to speak.

edit: Ah … I wait … got an idea … gotta take a look

Maybe the free bomber was rank II. If you haven’t finished the challenge it can’t hurt to put a rank III+ bomber with a 1000kg+ bomb into your lineup.

The second bomber was indeed a rank 2 … SB2C but the first one was a PBJ at 3.7 … maybe those doesn’t count because they are not in my lineup.
Anyway I’m done with Naval until the next challenge … can’t wait for it (NOT)

it has to be rank lll not br 3. Rank is the portion of tech tree you’re at while br is the designated position of a specific vehicle in said rank

The PBJs are rank III.


Got 3 parts of this task done in one Naval battle. Got 3 bluewater kill, 3 coastal and 3 planes killed with my destroyer. Nothing sequential here.
I don’t play ground RB, so good luck getting helicopter kills. What a dumb task this is, gaijin. Definitely anti-newer player. Why isn’t this 4 out of 5, even if you had to get more kills for each? Why are we still paying for the BP with these -nal retentive tasks all these years?


i agree, making all other kills was quite easy (and not sequentional!) but for helis you must play high-tier and be lucky that some heli show up and not kill you first or were killed by a team-mate instead

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Hate Naval. Tried some matches last night for the challenge and was reminded why I hate the mode and don’t play it.

The challenge can go uncompleted.

Naval is probably the most relaxing out of all the modes. Playing bluewater ships with BR 4.0-5.0 can get the Naval part of the task done very quickly. Once you get into it, it can be fun. Just don’t rush towards the enemy (like in any other mode), so you don’t get focused by multiple players. I got my crew skills maxed out for multiple modes with premium ships very quickly. Just for that it’s worth playing Naval from time to time.

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I don’t find it particularly relaxing…you constantly take hits and have alarms going off everywhere.

I did the bluewater challenge at 6.0 and getting full uptiers in every match having to face opponents that I can not even deal any damage to, while they can onetap me as soon as they spot me is very frustrating.
Tell me how you can relax in an Admiral Hipper class, when you spawn out in the open and are facing 3 Kronshtadts. Feel free to check the protection analysis to find any way to defeat them at 16km.

It is also quite frustrating to see a 1000kg bomb that would break a destroyer in half with its kinetic energy alone fail to penetrate the wooden deck between two turrets of a cruiser, just to explode on the deck only taking out an anti-aircraft gun.

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Yes, tons of uptiers here as well. I select battles I play, if gaijin doesn’t want to provide fair matches for me. I’m not going to play when there are just 4 players and 3 of them are 7.0 and I’m 6.0. I banned and disliked all the death circle maps, but still get them quite often. I like maps with some cover, so I can disengage the enemy, if they are too powerful. Shoot at the enemies you can manage or make sure they are busy fighting someone else and then attack.
I had a few cases when I dropped 1000 kg bombs on Soviet 5.0 destroyers and they just kept going. Got gaijined way too many times.
If 6.0 sucks for you, switch to 5.7 or even 5.0 destroyers. Much more fun there, even with the stupid constant uptiers.
If you want to really relax, try Japan 5.0 or 6.0 with torpedoes. Just stay on the back and spam the spacebar :). I have noticed last few months either a “feature or a bug” that my torpedoes lag with release and I cannot do full spreads as I used to, so I had to readjust. Still can get 5-7 kills with them, depending on the map. It’s very satisfying when I get 7.0 battleship kill or two.
There is a BP torpedo task coming this month, so you might as well do it with Japan :). 6.0 Jap. cruisers have decent guns, so you can still snipe a bot here and there. They also have good anti-air.

I got mine for free…

I like to play naval but understand when others not do so. I would also appreciate if this challenge was designed 4 of 5 as already proposed. So naval mains can skip e.g. the heli part and ground mains at least one naval task (killing 3 coastal ships is really easy to obtain).

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How many times have you earned it for free?

I got the coupons every time I bought the pass. So probably ~6 times. Usually, I prefer to sell the vehicle coupons, as I have no use for some and they give way more money than the 2000GE the next pass would cost. But this time, I wanted to keep the jet, so I used the coupons for the next pass. I don’t think I would have bought this pass though.

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Right. So relaxing to get bombarded as soon as I spawn regardless of where I spawn by either cheaters or just folks with high/max crews.

The maps are dogwater as is the BR compression. It’s not an enjoyable experience - I’d say it’s the worst of all 3 vehicle modes.

That is nice for you, but impossible for someone who has a maximum of 9 gaming-hours a week.

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I didn’t say otherwise.

It’s been months since I got bombed in my 5.7-6.0 cruisers and it was just some damage. That’s not an issue for me. If you have HE-VT shells, use it. I even sniped bombers with them from 5+ km. Just don’t get too close to enemy’s plane spawn. I’d rather take my chances against planes in Naval than in tanks.

I think, he means bombarded by enemy naval artillery that instantly tears him apart.

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