Battlepass Season Challenges - Not completable for all players

The Battle Pass challenges have become unachievable for players that don’t play all the forces components of the game. This was not always the case though. The first BP season for example, I could as an Airforces only player complete all the challenges. This is the way it should have stayed.

Does Gaijin think that we all want to play all the forces of the game? Where would we even get the time? I’ve been playing for ten years, and still haven’t even unlocked all my Airforce trees. What makes you think that I have time to play tanks and naval?..

By having challenges that single force focused players can’t achieve, you’re hindering our BP experience. There’s no reason that as a Premium player, that there should be BP challenges that are unachievable for me. That means that I have to spend extra days doing daily tasks that I don’t enjoy doing if I want to complete the Battle Pass Season.

Make every BP Season task achievable with Air, Ground, or Naval. This is getting ridiculous. Quit leaving paying players out of events!


Daily tasks are specific to vehicles.

Your suggestion would benefit players who play all branches since they would get BP points 3x faster and you would cry again…

What? This isn’t about daily task… Read slower next time. 🤦‍♂️

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I know, I suggested you to do daily tasks when you dont play all branches… Read slower next time. 🤦‍♂️

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My argument is, I’m forced to do too many daily tasks, because I’m not allowed to participate with the most of the BP tasks…

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This invalidates most people already anyways for getting everything


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I would assume their intent is to get players to try all modes.
Getting a rank 3 of each type isnt actually that hard.

I dont play naval. I have plenty of rank III+ vehicles, but I skip the challenges.
But that is my choice, and I have always achieved all the BP vehicles.

Most my rank VII’s are squadron vehicles that anyone can get quite easily by being in a squad.

Yea, I’m perfectly aware that Gaijin is trying to convince me to try all the modes, but I’m not ready to dive down them rabbit holes…

I do plenty of grinding on my Airforce trees. I’m not gonna get caught in the trap of the rest of the forces. And plus, I’m not ready to work on entirely fresh crews that take literal years to build up.

Just let me as a premium player be able to complete all of the BP challenges. That’s not a big ask, especially since it was possible in the earlier BP seasons. I put plenty of money into this game. I don’t need Gaijin trying to con me into playing the other modes that I’m not interested in. I started as an Airforces player, and that’s the only reason I want to play this game.

Another thing about these events are, I have to go out of my way to complete them. This means playing the game in a way that’s not always fun for me.

Now, I do understand that free rewards come with a time cost, and that’s fine. The problem is, Gaijin is making these events more cumbersome with each new iteration. We need to back things up. Allow people to enjoy the game while having a realistic time cost to earn the rewards.

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If they wish to participate in BP, then single force focused players are hindering their own experience, not the other way around.

This is War Thunder, not Air Forces Thunder.



To end up like you? Below average at everything xD No thanks. I’ll stick to being an excellent pilot rather than being stuck as mister mediocre.

Also your point is invalid. Because playing ground RB also includes air vehicles. Air RB does not have this liberty. If gaijin took away spawning in air vehicles, you’d be pissed as well. Because now you’d be forced to play something that’s way out of your league. As with all tankmen, if i see one in game, i don’t see danger, i see free SL n RP. Instead of being absolute hard head, you could think about what OP’s saying.

I grinded SO MUCH CRAPAPAPAPA this anniversary. I even managed to get the China decal with less than an hour to spare using a discounted 2.0 plane from the online store to grind with it to buy 5 rank 2 planes to unlock research into rank 3. Making a rank 3 push when you only have a handful of vehicles is really insane, but all you have to do is buy the minimum amount per tier with an easy option to research/buy from tier 3. Then you just need that tier 3 in your lineup and you can use all the other crap in your tree.

I think battle passes as a whole are FOMO trash and you should just get everything you paid for. Events are fine but once you take my money I should know what I’m getting in return.

No, the idea is make you think that they want you to play all mods, but the real reason is they want you to pay levels.
I am not a big fan of the BP culture, but this is the only game (that I know) that uses daily task and logins instead of matches points to complete it.

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That is why i dont buy it until the end.

Challenge: “Situation where difficulty stimulates.”

It’s precisely designed to take you out of your comfort zone. If you only play by plane you deprive yourself of part of the game’s content but it’s your choice.

The challenges are precisely designed to encourage you to go see something else, try other game methods, this or that weaponry, small ships that you never use, etc. etc.


Battlepass Season Challenges - Not completable for most players


This concept won’t work in WT ever. You see if you make a game, which is incredibly time costly to grind, you absolutely will seek out the the vehicles, that make this process faster and easier. So in turn, if you grind battlepass, you completely stop your progression. That goes even for the Air RB oriented daily tasks. For example, why would i try to get a First strike in anything other than F-84 G variant? It’s the fastest at it’s BR (airspawn included), and has plenty of time to GTFO once you hit the first pillbox. BUT, iam already at 12.0 in the USA tech tree. So iam virtually halting my grind for this. Also why would i try to kill someone with objectively worse weapon?

Also why would they encourage me to play a gamemode, which wasn’t in the game back when i first started to play? It wasn’t my wish to have tanks and naval in the game, so why am i being punished? Also Air RB has much much steeper learning curve and higher skill ceiling than ground rb, where you can basically grab a tank and go click at pictures of other tanks? Yes i know it’s a counterpoint to what i’ve said. BUT IT’S FKIN BOOOOOOORIIIIING. I don’t like games with too much luck factor involved.

To cut it short, those challenges should be universal for all of the game modes. They can even throw Ace 5 games in a row at me. That i can manage in Air RB. Because i dedicated 2000 hours to be able to pull this off. Because in air RB you can rely on your skill, not on your enemy not playing on lowest detail, sitting in a shadow and waiting for you to play the objective have a single kill (you) and breaking your three kill killstreak with a fkin SPG xD

“So in turn, if you grind battlepass, you completely stop your progression”

This is your case but don’t make it a generality.
I grind all nations and all types of vehicles and at no time does it prevent me from unlocking new vehicles.

And you talk about being punished but… LOL what is being punished? You can’t do all the game content and? Olalalala you’re probably going to die from it lol
It’s a video game eh, if you’ve spent 2000 hours it’s your choice, no one is forcing you.

I too have more than 2000 hours and I don’t do all the battlepasses and miracles… I’m still alive and I’m doing very well.

And then the “I didn’t ask for tanks and boats”… Do you know that a game evolves? At the beginning there was no battlepass either. So in the end the developments for you are à la carte. The new planes, the new engine, the daily connections, etc. etc. you take it but all the stuff you don’t like is a no.
After all, it’s your game, right?
Big lol

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