Battlepass Season Challenges - Not completable for all players

The Battle Pass challenges have become unachievable for players that don’t play all the forces components of the game. This was not always the case though. The first BP season for example, I could as an Airforces only player complete all the challenges. This is the way it should have stayed.

Does Gaijin think that we all want to play all the forces of the game? Where would we even get the time? I’ve been playing for ten years, and still haven’t even unlocked all my Airforce trees. What makes you think that I have time to play tanks and naval?..

By having challenges that single force focused players can’t achieve, you’re hindering our BP experience. There’s no reason that as a Premium player, that there should be BP challenges that are unachievable for me. That means that I have to spend extra days doing daily tasks that I don’t enjoy doing if I want to complete the Battle Pass Season.

Make every BP Season task achievable with Air, Ground, or Naval. This is getting ridiculous. Quit leaving paying players out of events!


Daily tasks are specific to vehicles.

Your suggestion would benefit players who play all branches since they would get BP points 3x faster and you would cry again…

What? This isn’t about daily task… Read slower next time. 🤦‍♂️

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I know, I suggested you to do daily tasks when you dont play all branches… Read slower next time. 🤦‍♂️

My argument is, I’m forced to do too many daily tasks, because I’m not allowed to participate with the most of the BP tasks…


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This invalidates most people already anyways for getting everything


I would assume their intent is to get players to try all modes.
Getting a rank 3 of each type isnt actually that hard.

I dont play naval. I have plenty of rank III+ vehicles, but I skip the challenges.
But that is my choice, and I have always achieved all the BP vehicles.

Most my rank VII’s are squadron vehicles that anyone can get quite easily by being in a squad.

Yea, I’m perfectly aware that Gaijin is trying to convince me to try all the modes, but I’m not ready to dive down them rabbit holes…

I do plenty of grinding on my Airforce trees. I’m not gonna get caught in the trap of the rest of the forces. And plus, I’m not ready to work on entirely fresh crews that take literal years to build up.

Just let me as a premium player be able to complete all of the BP challenges. That’s not a big ask, especially since it was possible in the earlier BP seasons. I put plenty of money into this game. I don’t need Gaijin trying to con me into playing the other modes that I’m not interested in. I started as an Airforces player, and that’s the only reason I want to play this game.

Another thing about these events are, I have to go out of my way to complete them. This means playing the game in a way that’s not always fun for me.

Now, I do understand that free rewards come with a time cost, and that’s fine. The problem is, Gaijin is making these events more cumbersome with each new iteration. We need to back things up. Allow people to enjoy the game while having a realistic time cost to earn the rewards.

If they wish to participate in BP, then single force focused players are hindering their own experience, not the other way around.

This is War Thunder, not Air Forces Thunder.