Battlepass Season Challenges - Not completable for all players

I’ll never understand why people want to do all BP task, some of the tasks are so stupid, like kill enemy while driving at a speed of xy km/h. Last BP I did only 10 BP tasks and got to level 125 with the dailies + special tasks

“I grind all nations” - Iam way past that. Not gonna be taking 11.0 ground attacker to complete a challenge in Air RB. Not gonna be that guy who ruins the entire lobby with sub optimal performance.

“Lol Punished” - For being dumb and paying for the game’s development in the beggining.

“Game evolves” Then all of yas arguments that it’s my loss i don’t play all content in game is invalid. I started for Aviation, not for tanks. Yes you could say battlepass wasn’t there back then. But why is it so ground oriented if there’s some content left out? Your argument kinda suggests it’s fairly spread out. BUT IT IS NOT. Iam being fine with it being split 4to4to4. And i’d do my third in planes, the rest in daily tasks. That’s ok. But there is literally no aviation challenges included for the sixth time in the battlepass.

I think iam talking to special needs children here. You’re all acting like your sh*t smells different, the truth is, we’re all getting raped by Gaijin. And yet, here you are, blindly defending them. Stop acting like this is ok.

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Iam not suggesting all of it must be easy to complete. Just make it fair for all players. Forcing their foundation to play something they don’t enjoy sets a dangerous precedens that is kinda suggesting, you should buy more premiums (ground units).

Of course iam not aiming to have all challenges complete, but i’d like there be 4 of the 12, Air RB only, because there’s like 9 that’s ground only, and three that can be completed in all types. Even it out, and i’ll be happy.

But no one is actually forced. If you don’t want to play games by trying different things, that’s your way of reasoning.

Personally I see it as a challenge (it’s called Challenge) and I have fun trying to do them even if it means releasing vehicles that I never play.

Now I understand what you are asking but your way of expressing yourself is not at all clear and neither is your way of reasoning. Nothing is obligatory, you have to get it into your head.


Challenge would be a trial of skills right? There is no challenge to try my skills in Air battles. That’s what iam trying to say. Iam not saying the battlepass can’t be done. I’ve done some of them with daily tasks only, to the point i was able to sell the Centurion with the coupon upgrade.

To cut it short. Iam ok for fair split between the challenges. If someone wants to grind all of the challenges, it’s only his plus, so a win win. Because there would be some for me to enjoy.

The best way would look like this. 3 challenges for Ground, 3 for Air, 3 for Naval and 3 universal. Yes it would be a loss for everyone if the challenges were all somehow universal like in 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory BP. That shit was too easy, yes. But mash it up somehow, make it balanced. Is that too much to ask from a game i’ve been so loyal to for the past 8 years?

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If you are going to use other players record as the basis for your argument, you best make sure you are top notch yourself. Sorry to break it to you champ, but you aint!

You (and all people like you who feel the need to perform record critiques) also have zero comprehension that others may play for entirely different reasons to yourself and not everyone is interested in flying around in the same small handful of vehicles over and over and over again padding their stats.

There are plenty like me who like a bit of everything, doing everything in BP or other events and collecting/spading all vehicles in all nations at all ranks and in all modes along the way.

That means multiple daily tasks where killing things is often not the objective, that means playing tanks where KDR is much lower than air battles, that means being a sitting duck in SPAA, that means using certain vehicle types for tasks (eg strike aircraft) while opposition players simultaneously have tasks to hunt that same vehicle type, that means playing Naval (yuck!), that means playing bombers where air kills are rare and most of their work isnt even credited in stats. Also means spending a lot of time playing in generally rubbish vehicles that are absolutely terrible in battle, at least until they are spaded and we can move on to the next terrible vehicle.

Obviously none of that is conducive to a great KDR record in the eyes of the likes of you, but again, not everyone plays just to make their record look nice.

But hey… if you think hanging around on a video game forum telling everyone how many video game hours you’ve played and what an excellent video game pilot you think that makes you is something to be proud of, then good luck to you.

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