Battle Rating Changes

Why when things are being changed is there the perceived need to change something about the vehicle to make it “fit”? If it needs to go up it should go up with no change. Case in point, the Jagdpanther, Tiger II 105, and Panther II are all going up and having their reloads shortened. The Pershings are going up and getting an improved shell (which while needed doesn’t really help at all). The IS-2s are all going up and receiving a better shell (again negated by moving in the first place). The IS-6 is getting a better shell, which while needed the point of the IS-6 is to have heavy armor but not as much “damage”.

Why do things need to be changed to be moved? Why can’t they be moved as is?

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It’s what you do when you’re clueless about what you’re doing but want to pretend you know what you are doing.
A few month ago or whatever they uptiered the entire 8.3 lineup of China to 8.7, but they did not want to uptier the T-69 because they wanted it to remain at 8.3 for unknown reasons, so instead the increased the reload by seconds so it could stay at 8.3… but THEY REMOVED THE ENTIRE LINEUP, so of course all you could do is play it with 8.7 regardless and had to deal with a reload penalty on top of that.

Anyways now it’s 9.0 already because that’s how decompression works apparently.

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Panther D-A-F-G
Oneshot kills in any Means.

KV220 will be put to 6.0 with a total penetration of 135mm
You cant kill a Kingtiger, Jagdtiger or a T34 without using bugs of shells and these are just 6.7
By moving the KV220 to 6.0 it will face T95 and M46 / M26 etc and if a mixed battle happens, youll face IS3´s, T44-100 etc.
Not talking about the impressive 100mm armor that every tank above 3.7 can pen.

Is that what you call Balancing?
Destroying the last tanks where you need some sort of game understandment to play?

Panther wont even bounce one shot facing only 6.7 and 7.0, not talking about that its already almost everytime a onehit.

Tiger 1 will also become one of the worst tanks ever to play in War Thunder, more useless then a M2A2.
receiving only onehits not being able to penetrate 90% of its enemies.

You kill all veteran players for a playerbase who dont even try understanding the Game.
after implementing apfsds, the players just refused learning how this and that works.

Do some more patches, maybe just delete every vehicle below 10.0.
make helis fly around at 5.7, make the firstspawn for Helis and Planes free or not using any spawnpoints at all
make a Maus face 10.0, Put the Tiger II to 7.7
Let the BF109 face Mig21, or even better why not a Mig29.

The above written would be the same as your Battlerating changes you are planning to do right now.
But what do i know, you know the marketing, just pull out a new 60€ Premium Vehicle every patch and your main playerbase will keep being happy. All those “I need a Laserrangefinder and a onehit Bullet” Players.


I believe in its case it is being restored to a more historical reload rate. Many vehicles have reduced reloads of either guns or ready racks to keep them at their current BR.

The 90mms are getting rounds they should have had already. The early and late M82 should be available.

And massive normalisation so in reality the penetartion is more like that of the german short 8.8.

The armour is the issue. If it was just about the guns tanks like the CHurchil VII would be 3.0 with 103mm pen AP an abyssmal shell in every way.


The KV220 is a onehit tank,
The massive 100mm´s where you need a little bit of brain power to aim at the lower plate or the turret cheeks

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But i guess that cant be handled by the german 5.7 or American 5.7 players

I think KV220 is just too rare enermy to think a lot about it, and now we have 185mm pen M82. Must be enought.

They could’ve at least given the IS-3 some kind of buff when moving it up in BR to make it comparable to the rest of its BR. It’s in a super sad existence in its’ current state.

Seems like its one or the other, and not both

That seems to be the case. Gaijin needs to be consistent but they aren’t.

I am really not looking forward for the IS-2 change, now the 44 varient will not ba able to tank more shots. At least at 6.3 it can be played as a semi-heavy (has weak spots), but at 6.7 more 7.3 or 7.7 stuff can kill you.

I figured they where doing the BR changes to decompress those BRs.

But they’re buffing vehicles (better shells, shorter reloads) while also increasing their BR.

So is it really helping with the compression if the vehicles get a higher BR but perform better?
Feels like the changes negate each other in terms of compression.

Also forgot to add, but the IS-1 to 5.7 is not very good, the tank itself is worse than counterparts, like the Tiger 1 or the T-34-85 with unangleable hull and lower mobility compared to the T-34-85.


Is-1 and Jumbo must be on 5.3 for their eternal gachimuchi battle. Germans have VK 3002M and Panther D to counter jumbo on 5.0 and 5.3 so it all will be balanced.

The same Germans whose vehicles are also moving up, you mean?

Lol. Lmao even.

tiger 1 6,0 its horrible, jumbo gun was diffuclt 5,3 now unplaybale 5.7

Literally not a problem. I spaded it at 6.7 and did just fine. 7.7 is rare anyways and it was already one of the few hevys whcih could even be used in a full downtier match

The “better shell” is not really better. the B shell is still superiour in many ways.
The buffed reloads are (except for Tiger II 10.5 and Panther II) actually restorations to more historcial values.