Battle Rating changes for January 2024 (post feedback)

Hey everyone!

Thank you for your thoughts and feedback on the planned Battle Rating changes. We’ve carefully considered your feedback and have made some adjustments to the plans.

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Let’s highlight some adjustments to the Battle Rating plans:

  • Strela-10M2 — its Battle Rating will increase by 2 steps to 10.0. In two weeks, its Rank will be changed from Rank VI to Rank VII.

  • After reviewing your feedback, we’ve dropped the Battle Rating changes for the Somua SM, E.B.R. (1963) and AMX M4 but are keeping the changes to the Char 25t and AMX-50 (TO90/930), where their Battle Rating will still be increasing to 8.0.

    • We’re still going ahead with these as the previous increase in reload speed has significantly bettered their efficiency figures, where these French tanks are 60-70% above the average at their rank, and 7 of the top 10 most efficient light and medium tanks at Rank V are French. The current 7.7 French lineup is very strong and due to this, we’re going to increase their Battle Ratings.
    • We’ve decided to increase the Battle Rating of the Char 25t and AMX-50 (TO90/930) because of the explanation above, and that they have received the most changes previously in terms of rate of fire and shells as well.
  • MiG-29G — its Battle Rating will increase to 12.7 in RB and SB due to the R-73 missile and good countermeasures.

  • J-8F — this aircraft is close to a Battle Rating increase, however taking into account the capabilities of this aircraft and your feedback, we’ve decided to postpone the change and will continue to monitor its effectiveness.

  • Mirage 2000C-S5, F-5E and F-5E (China) — these aircraft are highly efficient, but after reading your feedback and comparing the changes to other top aircraft, we’ve decided to postpone this change, and will look at their efficiency when the max Battle Rating for aircraft increases.

  • Harrier GR.7 — its Battle Rating will increase to 11.7 in SB. This change was supported by your feedback.

  • J-7D — in SB, its Battle Rating will be reduced to 10.7, which is similar to other aircraft’s capabilities.

  • F-104G (China) — its Battle Rating in RB will be reduced to 10.3. This aircraft is generally similar to the German version, but the lack of countermeasures prevents it from being as effective at its old Battle Rating.

  • P-51D-10 — after reading your feedback, we’ve decided to not lower its Battle Rating, taking into account the performance characteristics of this version of the P-51D.

Below is a list of planned changes in addition to those that were previously announced, which are not related to Battle Rating changes:

  • T20 — M93 APCR has been added at the same time as its Battle Rating increase.
  • Merkava Mk.3B, Merkava Mk.3C, Merkava Mk.3D (USA), Merkava Mk.4B, Merkava Mk.4M, Merkava Mk.4 LIC — the rate of fire has been increased from 9 to 10 rounds per minute.
  • M60A3 TTS (China) — the positions of the shell modifications have been changed. The M456 has become the default shell along with M728. The M416 modification has been moved from Rank III to Rank I in the modifications window. The M735 modification has been moved from Rank IV to Rank III in the modifications window.
  • M48A1, M48A1 (China), M48A2 C, Magach 1, Magach 2 — the rate of fire has been increased from 8 to 9 rounds per minute.
  • 2S25M — the 9M119 ATGM has been replaced by the 9M119M1. The 3BM46 projectile has been replaced by the 3BM60.
  • 2S3M — in two weeks, this vehicle will be grouped with the 2S1.
  • He 111 H-3 — in two weeks, this vehicle will be grouped with the BV 138 C-1.

These changes (except for the changes to Ranks and vehicle grouping) will be implemented into the game soon.


80% of the war thunder community would also like an increase in the max BR of ground vehicles from 11.7 to 12.3


Cool the Sagittario is still going to 9.3 just to be a worse Ariete and to keep feeding all the all-aspect missiles.
And no F15s going to 12.7 but the MiG 29G is? Genuinely makes no sense, just move all advanced 4th gens to 12.7


I love gaijin


So… Sagi II still move up to 9.3 even its performance is literally WORSE than Ariete?

What the hell lmao


No change to ariete or italy 11.3 as a whole sad


Give F-15 variants HMD and move to 12.7 too.


Why the 2S6 doesn’t go to 11.0, if the Type 81(C) going to 11.0


A6m5 going to 5.3 still doesnt make sense.


The Sim BR brackets is still missing the max 11.0 bracket. It’s one of the most important brackets for SimEC.

Gaijin sells us premiums at that bracket. And then you remove it?.. 🤦‍♂️


Why did the F15s not get moved up


AMX M4 is the usual ‘we listened’ card that you’ll increase in BR next time around anyways.

Somua and EBR got the special premium treatment to avoid being uptiered, yet worse vehicles like the Char still go up to 8.0.

Completely failing to acknowledge the void you have created at these BRs.

Concomitant balance changes

Glad you guys still manage to find unnecessarily complicated words to use for no reason at all, nor do you explain why all these vehicles get nerfed reload speeds out of nowhere.

T20 getting APCR, that sounds like a nerf more than a buff, APCR is the most useless garbage tier shell in the game, how did anyone think this was the solution?

A6M5 Ko still going up despite universal opposition to this idea, so much for listening to feedback, can’t wait to face jets in a plane that barely outruns rank ll planes, guess it’s not generating money anymore so time to ruin it.

Sagittario 2 thrown even further into games with all aspect missiles, might as well have deleted it from the game.

The usual thing where you present a bunch of bad ideas, we explain to you why they’re bad and then you do it anyways, I don’t know why you bother collecting feedback when you don’t care for feedback beyond changing a few things to pretend you do, only to push those things through next time anyways because sTatIstiks


Decompression in the range 10.7 - 11.7 is still necessary.
Why does F-5E stay at 10.7 ? It has dominated an entire BR bracket for far too long, I personally think that the F-5E makes said bracket barely enjoyable, US teams have around 70% winrate (last time I played).

I don’t understand why some Zeros still get a higher BR. Some of the BR changes are unnecessary or not understandable. Same with Type 81 (C), what does make it better than e.g. 2S6M1 ? Its missiles are useless against majority of top tier Helis beyong 3.5km range due to how effective HiRSS and IRCM are modelled.

Nice to see Strela at 10.0 and the few french Tanks stay at their current BR though.


M60TTS should have obtained the same ERA and M774 as in the United States, otherwise it should have been reduced to 8.7! Cannot let a weakened foreign trade vehicle and a powerful original vehicle be in the same BR!


Alright let’s do this again :

AMX-13 (FL-11) : Worse than Chaffee yet it’s going to 4.3?

AMX-10P : Should stay at 5.3 , it’s a SUB-I-II equivalent.

Lorraine : Utterly garbage , it’s a Paris with slightly more pen (40mm~ish) , at 6.7 , it should go down.


I know Gaijin hates France but this one doesn’t make any sense.
As a France main, I can’t accept this. I’ve been suffer a lot at those BR (7.7), especially facing Russian tanks frontally. I suggest to keep the Char 25t and AMX-50 at it’s BR. You tell it’s strong, by what? Insane autoloader? It’s confusing. Besides, it hasn’t have APFSDS too. About the TPK, keep it clean too, please. I haven’t grinded that one and I hope the BR suits with it, but again, the dev uptiered it again.

Instead of increasing BR, I suggest the devs to add another SPAA or missile carriers. If they add new “good” tanks in “fair” BR, it will fix the problem of the France main players, including me, too.


Char 25t and AMX-50 (TO90/930) was recently brought im in a bug report where it was suggested it had a single plane stabiliser… Would the addition of this also be a reason why it’s BR is still increasing??


Weird that the F-15A isn’t going up in BR but the MiG-29G is when neither are gonna get ARHs but get great flight performance and IRCCM missiles. Any chance for the MiG-29 (9-13) and the Yak-141 to receive R-73s and get bumped up? In general, not necessarily right now.


So basically it’s just going up in BR with no difference because M93 is completely meaningless. I’m fine with the T20 going to 6.3 but really, M93 makes no difference at all.


No one will complain about the superiority of type 81c missiles. However, its ability to detect enemies is very poor, and if it is going to be released in 11.0, I think it will be necessary to change the night vision device to at least the second generation.