Battle is over Autokill

That’s not a combat kill though to force the ejection of it…

Are you aware of why this system was implemented?

Not entirely, but I’m sure you’ll try fill me in, but what we’re saying here is that the end-match ‘ejection’ of a plane that is still airborne, doesn’t seem right to force the repair, and the ‘ejection’ at the end of the match…

The kill credit is fine, but the forced ‘You died’ is really the issue that we’re looking towards.


Why does it have to be a ejection at the end of the game? (If i were to guess it was the quickest way to implement it)

Award the kill to the attacking player and not eject the player flying a damaged plane.

This would purely be a gamefeel change. Being ejected because at some point you crossed a arbitrary damage treshhold is unsatisfying, and unintuitive as there is no feedback outside of the battle logs (afaik anyways)


As for all I’m seeing about the ‘severe damage’ mechanic is an ‘increased hit alert’…

Briefly, the severe damage mechanic simplifies the system for scoring an aircraft destruction and makes it more understandable and transparent: as long as an aircraft can theoretically continue to fight, it’ll not be considered as destroyed.

The whole reason this was implemented was because of “kill stealing” where people would damage an aircraft and then leave it to burn or flatspin and other players would finish that plane off. Now that severely damaged counts as a kill when it happens, if a severely damaged plane does not make it back for repairs. If you get severely damaged, you are killed at that point. Similar to how you could get a death but fly back and repair and have a 2 death RB game. The force out at the end, if you don’t repair before then, is just the game rectifying the kills made with the severely damaged mechanic. Remember, severely damaged means killed now unless you repair. If you don’t repair before the game ends, you are just feeling the full effect of being killed.

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Also i dont think anyone is arguing against the wholr severe damage system. Which seems fine. Its just one dumb unsatisfying aspect about the implementation.


Nonsense… That’s your interpretation…

And this…

At the end of a battle, all severely damaged aircraft will be considered destroyed — players in this state will receive the following message: “Written off due to severe damage”. A death in the statistics will be credited, and the player who caused the severe damage will be credited with a destroyed aircraft, where the rest of the reward will be given. This is done so that players with a severely damaged aircraft don’t try to hide and avoid combat in the hope that they’ll not be finished off.

Doesn’t fit what’s happening in this instance. The guy is headed to his airfield, and is very much in control.

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See those words? They make the difference. If the battle isn’t over you have a chance, if it IS OVER you lost your chance. It doesn’t matter if you could make it to the airfield in 20 seconds or 20 minutes, when the match is over severely damaged planes still about are considered killed.

This is even more reasoning they added in what you quoted, but you floated right on past it.

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Who are you referring to here?

Thing is, it’s still airborne, which is one of the mentionings of the previous qualifications for it NOT being taken out…

I mean it does describe it just fine. His plane hit the arbitrary damage threshold.
Remember, this is enough to count as “severely damaged”

dont have to refer to anyone i just put the most realest statements out there

I think you do, otherwise you’re just spamming it up for the sake of it.

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Under the old system you could be fully killed and fly back to base and repair and refly out. This is the same system, but now instead of a full death you get severely damaged at first and if you don’t repair by the end of the game then the official dearh is counted. It is actually a better system because you can’t be charged twice for repairs.

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i think we have an differrent idea of what “spamming” is

It is absolutely a good system, but the point that’s being made is this plane is in control and having it auto-eject like that isn’t something it should be doing because of the fact that it’s actually not as damaged as the system is thinking.

I don’t know how many times I’ll have to say this, but flight-worthy and combat-worthy are different things. The forced kill at the end of the game is so you can’t take a flight-worthy plane and run away from combat to avoid dying. It cuts out the passive abuse that could come out of the system by making a return to the airfield required to now pay repair costs for dying to the severe damage mechanic.

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Idk if id call it strictly better. It has some shortcomings to fix before then.

Like the plane being “severely damaged” when its functionally undamaged.
Not to mention 7.62mm getting “severely damaged” on a plane when its quite clear the enemy plane doesn’t care.

And what this thread is about, the unintuative and unsatisfying show of being ejected and counted as dead when the game ends.

It is unsatisfying, yes. But if it didn’t happen like it does, you would have noncombat-worthy planes flying around for 25 minutes to avoid a full death. That would be worse overall than what happens now.

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