Propably a lot of peaple suggested this, but for god’s sake add more bases to air rb, i hate that i just try to grind out the event and everytime i spawn i see half a team of phantoms waiting to bomb the same one base, i think 10 would be perfect. Note that i am not grinding top tier bc i have it but grinding the event, and there are always that at least 5 phantoms who destroy every base and rest of the team is left with nothing. Or reduce the time of spawn to like 1 minute or sthng


I agree On having more bases it would be great. But don’t you think 10 is a little too much?
I think a good amount could be 6 - 7 (or 8 - 9 on ec maps) kinda like simulator battle (without the simulator factor which can be annoying to some people).

Having 5 minutes between a destruction and a respawn is too much since most of the matches dont last that long. Maybe 2 to 3 minutes could be great and people would reach top-tier faster and that could decide them to start a new nation and so on, instead of spending 1+ month on a tree just to start it over again and again which is honestly the worst in this game (spending lot of time just grinding)

Ur kinda right but with the quantity of ppl trying to bomb 6-7 would also feel small but, i guess its better than 4

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AirRB is about PvP, ground attacking is a small part added beside this.

Today every one is bombing because gjn thinks it is a good idea rewarding a bombed base with triple the amount of a player kill.

The gameplay in AirRB is half detroyed already because of that. More bases will make it worse.

Btw I’m grinding every event with zero bombing. It’s doable.

learn to play against players.

Sure Ill play against the supersonic Phantoms in my subsonic A-7E

How exactly do you plan on doing that

Base bombing rewards have been severely nerfed for awhile now. Killing aircraft is much more profitable

Yeah, because it’s hard enough to get to the damn base, let alone beat SuperSonics in a subsonic.

Only SL are less, RP are triple ish:

The problem is the effect to the battle:
1 kill is 1/16 to the win at full teams.
1 base bleeds 300 tickets, that’s, depending on the map, 1/20 or less.

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that is false.
killing bases in higher brs does nothing.

I can do it, but its not as efficient as bombing, espetially at todays top tier, i can kill players, but thats one kill per game, when bombing, ill bomb and go for kills, but bombing is the most parto of that

Or just bring back the old timer.

Just bring a mode where I press “To Battle”, get 10000 RP and 20000SL right away. Then crew lock for 8 minutes. Works just as well, but I can do other things meanwhile.