Bases take forever to respawn in air RB

I’ve noticed since the kings of battle update that air rb bases take FOREVER to respawn. Like, the entire match. Before, if someone got to a base before you, you could just wait around for 2 minutes and it would be brought back, but now it literally takes like 8 minutes. This basically makes bombers like F-4C, F-105 and F-111 useless (if used as bombers) if you get beaten to a base. Either you need to jettison your bombs and try to be a fighter, rtb to get a new loadout or wait the entire match without getting killed hoping that a base comes back before the match ends (which is not frequent). Did they do this intentionally or what? I know most people don’t like people who bomb, but it’s— it was a great source of RP.


Totally agree. Not everyone wants to dog fight. A lot of people use bombers and later on, attack jets to get bases or ground targets. I get bored of just dogfight after a few matches, and my favorite kind of play is to side fly, get a base, and the try to get a kill. Now this is nearly imposible. I really hope Gaijin got back to preupdate base spawn times. That allowed you to use different strategies and approaches to the match… not just get straight omto the furrball


This is a deliberate change.


They better revert this back im not playing or spending anymore money



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In RB yes, but for Sim those aircraft are more “at home”.

Still, the issue is there as well, that often there are too many bomb slingers for too few targets, but it’s more “stretched out” and not everyone is zooming into the same 5 bases within 2 minutes…

Add the plane with the biggest payload in the game → proceed to make bases in air rb basically not respawn.

It was already bad enough after they increased the number of players in air rb without upping the maximum number of bases from 4.


I checked today at BR 9.7. Bases spawn again in 8-9th minute of game.

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Lol. Might as well climb into space while waiting.

Multiple bug reports on the issue have been marked by Gaijin staff as “not a bug”.

To wit: Community Bug Reporting System

Gaijin is slowly killing one of the best way to grind attackers/bombers.
We need to force them to return old (pre Kings of battle) base spawn time.


Nevermind, I have been suffered 4 times TK because players can’t get the bases, I am sure it will get worse if Gaijin insists on not fixing the respawn time.

The game Master deliberately telling they prejudiced bomber players on purpose lmao, we need another strike and we deserve a more competent team running this game.


Not to mention just grinding.

Trying to gring the Phantom FGR2 is hell. if you’re lucky enough to survive getting to a base, it will probably be gone by the time you get there, and all you have is two useless aim9d’s. might as well just j out at that point because there not coming back as long as you live


It slightly gets better when fully spaded but it still can’t compete at 11.7 and even some 11.3 games. The aim9gs are unreliable given the speed most jets travel at that br so your best bet will be to launch it within it’s burn time for the best performance. It’s just not competitive enough at 11.3. If u flank the enemies there’s a high chance that your aim9g will eat a random flare and miss. And the skyflashes are very situational (within 6km )

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I was talking about my experiences as a player (who likes to use attackers and bombers) and yes, Air RB game mode is not something that favors those dedicated attackers, but is favoring (in my personal experience) more the fighter gameplay.

This is mostly what had me move over to Sim, as there I can play those dedicated Mud Movers in a gameplay more alike what I’d expect from those aircraft in real life.

In no way does this mean “they prejudice bomber players on purpose” - that’s just a logical result of a game mode where attackers, bombers and fighters are cast over a small area. And this has been like this since WT was created.

And please remember that as GM I have zero influence on game development: We’re voluntary chat moderators, nothing else… I have no influence over what “they” develop and can not speak for “them”, so what I say should not be misinterpreted as what “They” do or do not intend…

I just was wondering, why the bases don’t respawn anymore as i found this thread!
Seriously, is that Gaijins way after improving the economy to fxxx up the playerbase this way?
Can someone explain me how to grind my stock-A-10late? My SU-25T?? Bases will be gone when i arrive there and the match is over until they respawn!
Does the snail really think, that i will open my wallet to speed up the stock grind? This will not happen! If the grind takes me too much time now, i will stop playing this expensive high-tier shxx and just fly around with some 5.0 props…
My Steam wishlist is full and next sale is incomming!
I really thought Gaijin learned it’s lesson… but it seems that i was wrong!

But theres also a positive side on this issue… i will save a lot €€ in upcoming sale… because flying hightier becomes more and more uniteresting… & useles…


cas or bombers in air rb are dead. At this point you are better of playing arcade games with a cas or bomber. I remember back in 2015 when strategic bombers like b29 or tu4 were quite important to have in your team and quite hard to destroy. At this point Gajin should remove any bombers/cas planes from air rb since is pointless.

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Bad change. very bad.

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I’ve been following the discussion about high tiers for a long time now and nothing that can get me excited…
Maybe Gaijin could put up some tutorials on how to play from different types of planes in different modes at high tiers…
Arcade, that’s a pretty obvious meat grinder…
Realistic, those come very close to the arcade…
Simulator, this is already for players who, on a high tier, are already penetrating the secrets of avionics and aviation technologies…

But the maps are almost always World War II in character, with various sidekicks…