Base spawn on Air Realistic Battles

Why isn’t anyone talking about this horrible delay in spawning bases in ARB? There are several jets in the highest BRs, with all or most of them having dozens of enough bombs to wipe out 2 bases for only 4 bases for all players, and in these latest updates they have put an insane amount of respawn time in battles that don’t last more than 10 minutes, what did they have in their heads? And to make matters worse, allies killing you when you take “their” bases, what’s the point of having the fckn Su-25T in 11.3 if you can’t bomb any base with it? Place at least 6 bases so if you’re going to put in a respanw time like that, at least everyone has a chance to get at least one base, if they are charitable souls who don’t get 2 or 3 bases alone.

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Why don’t you read this forum?

There has been a suggestion to create a new mode, “entitled air”. You press “To Battle” and get a debriefing screen with "Victory, 15.000 SL, 10.000 RP. Which is less boring than having to fly to a base and then wait for it to respawn.

No, I don’t have time to spend on this forum but I found some topics here about this, including one in which you were one of the 10 out of 300 voters who didn’t agree that the bases are taking too long to respawn, clearly an opinion of those who don’t know and he doesn’t like playing bomber and wants to ruin other people’s gameplay.

That is clearly an oppinion of someone, who doesn’t know how to look up peoples time in different plane types or is too lazy to do it.

If bases are abundant or respawn too quickly, there is not much gameplay left. It boils down to “entitled air” above: Everyone gets a victory and a participation trophy, or else it isn’t fun.

Not really entitled, we had 15-20 second respawning bases and it massively improved gameplay and reduced tension and stress for players. That was then reverted. It isnt “entitled” to ask for it back. Of course, it also had the major bonus effects of 1) people didnt TK for bases and 2) everyone could fight the grind together instead of against their own team.

Will never understand the mindset of “yes, I want to have more pointless stress for players and make them aggitated to the point that they will teamkill to secure better progression”.


What are you on about? There was PLENTY of gameplay when the bases respawned quickly, in fact, arguably, more of it. You had people with different speed planes bombing the bases in waves and joining the combat instead of mad dash rush into suicide radar missiles hoping to get bombs off.

also ofc less TKing so more people fighitng in the air.

In your world anyone who isnt in a meta plane is told to go screw off. Gameplay involves players and planes without peak performance too for “mad dash in a line”.


Ok, but why you felt the necessity to create a redundant thread if you were aware of existing discussions?

I was one of the other 9…

…and i played 74 days as a bomber exclusively in Air RB.

As most players are driven by grind it is somehow comprehensible that they want to reinstall a 30 seconds timer - but i am rather sceptical that gaijin will change their mind.

  • It simply looks like they made from their pov a mistake (shorten the timer), their statistic guys realized this too late and reinstalled the previous timer. Their feedback “not a bug” is a clear indicator that they do not see a problem.
    Imho there is no real “gameplay” which involves the bombing of respawning bases; it is simply a low skill grinding tool (since May 2020).

  • Striving for better bomber game play includes to reinstate the old win condition “enemy airfield destroyed”, giving passionate bomber pilots more options to influence the outcome of matches (alternative targets, etc…) and to adjust the economy of Ground RB and Air RB; as long as dedicated tankers are forced to play Air RB due to better SL/RP income in order to continue playing Ground RB there is something wrong.

  • Currently it is simply way more attractive (regarding SL/RP) to bomb a base (with 180 to 300 tickets for each base kill) than doing anything else if players are not experienced enough for PvP actions. Killing ground ai targets with a much larger ticket impact is suited to influence the outcome, but it reduces the income for the player. So either he plays the objective and gets less income or he bombs a base and gets more SL/RP.

So having a different view on things does not mean that the goal is to “ruin other people’s gameplay” - and being in a minority position does not imply that you are wrong.

On the other hand i see the need for a lot of people to grind as they are somehow “trapped” in the hamster wheel of wt. Asking for reinstating shorter respawn timers is fully comprehensible from their perspective.

  • But imho they miss essential parts within the development of wt in the last years - a new player generation looking for instant action is willing to pay significant amounts of money for high tier premium jets. Despite that wt is above BR 4.7 simply a plain shooter - matches are decided in a TDM mode.

  • The introduction of a kill bonus and naming it “skill” bonus whilst stating that “scoring kills is the ultimate goal” by gaijin should give you clear indicators that offering PvE targets in Air RB has solely the purpose of creating a constant stream of rookie pilots into Air RB to provide PvP players with rather easy targets.

  • Alone the fact that af aaa in jet BRs is designed to be (almost) useless allowing PvP players to farm enemy PvE players (which somehow managed to drop and try to rearm) direct on the runway should be enough to think about how much gaijin cares for their customers paying 70$ for a premium jet.

Air RB has changed:

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