I fly 3,500-4,000m going to drop bomb at the base. while I fly to the base, I got kill by SPAA.

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and i doesn’t spot a bullet coming

Yeah same

even ground spaa is too OP it needs nerfing , gepards and za35 and zsu37-2 are too OP for early jets

Range os AA shouldn’t exceed 2km (best case) as ong as it’s prop planes. Jets come with another standard, they pair with AA missiles, so… 4km should brobably be correct. Can’t have pea shooters fight off jets.
Talking about airfield AA defense, I recently got destroyed twice while getting fuel, ammo and repairs. That’s not fair, either, since a parked plane can’t defend itself.
So maybe stick to range limits, but buff the efficency within that range…?

The same early jets obliterate ground forces at their BR - what you’re describing isn’t same-rank battles, it’s uptiering. At BR 7-8 your early jets have no real counter, only Wirbelwind / Ostwind and such. Good luck shooting down a jet with those!