Base respawn timer

What happened to the base respawn timers, on all of the recently modified maps in the new update has had their base bomb targets respawn timer significantly increased. I can’t find any detail on the change log and do hope this is just an overlooked bug due to the modification of these maps.


Probably not. I am sure they are deliberately attempting to pull a fast one on us by making grinding a difficult as humanly possible while still pretending that they learned their lesson from the strike.


They won’t make players have fun, playing happily means they lose money


Have to assume this is an error. Slower bombers literally have nothing to do now.


we need fast respawn bases .since we have so many bombing players


Returning to the battle zone refresh mechanism of the previous version, the current refresh mechanism causes more serious TKs, or increases the number of battle zones in each game.

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If they do want to increase the respawn time at least increase it just a little instead of increasing it for a very long time till that when my fuel was at 25 min and I was on the second stage afterburner. I waited for the next bases to respawn it took me a very long time till my fuel only left with 10 mins which the game at that time is already left with 15 mins.

Air RB was working great before the update, they increased base respawn timers, changed the layout of City and took out airspawn… Why?.. Totally unnecessary and uncalled for.

On every high/top tier match half the team is carrying bombs, I thought it was pretty clear that 4 bases is not enough, decreasing the timer was a nice stop gap solution. Now with this change, the first couple people get all bases and everyone else gets nothing.

Everyone loved City because of the airspawn and the light vehicle convoys, great to do the Meteor Shower task. Now it adopts the same Copy Paste layout all the other maps have, gone is the uniqueness of it.


I also tried to play a bomber yesterday and I was wondering, is it just me or they are sabotaging their own game?

Not sure it was the reason behind this but it is not really an invitation to buy any of their package to play this!
I would actually prefer to watch an advertisement before every match to contribute and have a decent experience in game.

May be they just experiment, but then they don’t even look at the feedback! Like the snail has no eyes! It is not like there are 1000+ threads about this, do something gaijin!

At the end they spend so much time modelling bombers for nothing but we can admire them in the garbage! Such a waste! Euh sorry I wanted to say garage and I said garbage.

At least they could lower the prize for killing bombers to spread the attention over other targets, I have seen so many solutions that have been raised on this forum.


We either need more targets or a shorter timer because it just causes infighting.

Yeah, it’s definitely an attempt to reduce the player’s ability to gain from bombing instead of fighting. I think this is not a reasonable change!!!

Good,atleast the chinese bomber bots wouldnt be getting any rewards and will disappear.

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Bro, what the hell are you saying? A5-C cannot compete with swedish planes in terms of speed, not to say US jets such as F4-S and F111-A. You should stand in solidarity with the players, not the side of Gaijin? This will be a zero-sum game if players divide.

I never talked about A-5C,only about the chinese botters. They use various planes, tho most premium like F-4S,A-5C,etc.

There is another topic somewhere that mentions about it


no point playing bombers/cas planes in air RB, fighters wipe all bases before slower planes can do anything and cas/bombers are just free kills.

4 months later and this is still a thing… I seriously don’t understand what they were thinking, I mean I have 2 options while flying in the A5C in an uptier and that’s to kill the tornado/su17 that would otherwise beat me to the base or just not being able to bomb whatsoever. Why dont I see more people talking about this.

Cause most people are lucky to manage to kill one base before being taken out. Besides that I would suggest that you avoid team killing as it will only lead to your account being banned.

I didn’t state that I do teamkill I stated that if I wanted to bomb that is the only option. And you are very funny if you believe teamkillers get banned in this game.

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