Base bombing in jets

I think it would be nice if there was a limit on how many planes with bombs and rockets can be on each side. OR put more bases and respawn bases withing a minute or so, not five. When you’re not as fast as the others then there’s nothing left to bomb and quite often the match ends early because everyone dies or of another bad introduction with ticket bleed. Nothing like flying around for 10-15 minutes waiting for bases to respawn just to have the game end and not do anything.

There is a limit of bombers and there can only be 1 high altitude bomber i believe. You may also be better off activity time wise returning to hanger after 1 bomb run. Might be worth checking my facts on this as its been a while, as for strike aircraft i dont think there is a limit

Usually there are PLENTY of ground targets…

High altitude bombers are only in lower ranks and I think they allow 4, but no limits on strike aircraft including jets. With all the F-4S premium, anyone flying something like the F-4F that is much slower than those don’t get much of a chance to do anything when 90% of the team are F4-Ss.

True but, not likely to survive trying to bomb targets where the entirety of both teams are fighting in the middle of the map.

4 bombers and 1 of them is higher