Barrle Module Clarification

In game the accessories such as Muzzle brake, bore evacuator, heat shield and counter weights are part of the Barrle hitbox, meaning if and by any rounds the muzzle brake or other part is hit and damaged, the whole barrle recives the damage, this is however not realistic, as the muzzle brake nor the other parts are a critical part of the barrle and the barrle will still works after those are hit and pierced.

I would like to suggest, that ONLY the barrle itself is part of the Hitbox to damage it, removing the Muzzle brakes, Bore evacuators, Weights, Heatshrouts and more. As they are not critical to the barrle and shouldnt hinder the barrle when hit.

This was however denied as a suggestion reason “It is a Hitbox issue” as such i would late perhaps put it forward as a Bug report.

More Details: (Click to show each)

Muzzle Brakes:

A muzzle brake redirects the gasses and relives the recoil cylinders with different effectiveness from gun to gun, but is also not needed in that rolle by all guns and sometimes just acts to redirects gasses to improve visibility such as on the Jagdpanzer IV and StuH 42, where they were later simple removed as tests showed it was not needed as the mount was sturdy enove to fire without it.
Another example is that even the Pz IV/70 (V) and (A) dont have muzzle brakes like most Panthers have.
And effectively is a mere Aim target in game.

In game the muzzle brake should be a seperat part of “Gun Steel” and not part of the Barrle nor of the Barrle module.
As when damaged or pierced they most often will still work as inteded, if not simply stopping to work or be less effective.

Pictures of hit muzzle brake:(Click to show)(IRL Photos and in game examples)



Bore Evacuators:

Bore evacuators only came to be after WW2, when guns became bigger and crew ergonomics could be fully taken into considderation in tank and tank gun development as there was no more a worldy threat (not taking the COLD war nor vietnam war into considderation)

The Bore evacuator is also not critical as it just is a sleeve on the barrle with small holes on the inside creating a vacume after the round passes by, sucking in the gasses and smoke and prohibiting it from going back into the fighting compartment when the breech openes, however tanks often (except some Oscillating french turrets) have an overpressure system, by which gasses from the outside (in case of hole or the breech) cant come in as protection from poison gas and such. Which also protects against the propellant gasses.

As such when it is hit, it may not even stop working and if it would, the overpressure system of the tank would take over the work, while overall it isnt even critical to the work of the gun.

Just like Heat sleeves which only even out the heat of a barrle, so that it doesnt morph if it is hot and it rains, or one side is under longer sun heat, but not critical.

Pictures of IRL and in game:(Click to show)



Last but not least (if i didnt forget any other barrle accessories)
Counter weights on barrles.
They most often come on tanks which multiple armarment, or which recived a new or different armarment, as guns are ballanced for the elevation gear for it to either work propperly or be easy to use, a out of ballance gun would (it it isnt too big) be simply require more strength of the hand elevation or electric/hydraulic traverse (which would be even less affected)

Some examples as such is rather rare would be the M109G as it has a shorter barrle and thus has a barrle weight. The M10 Archilles, it has a longer barrle and heavyer bigger breech, requiring a barrle weight. Some other times this is integrated into the design of the Muzzle brake. The M3 Lee with the M2 gun also has one, required for the Stab to work as the barrle is shorter and lighter compared to the intended M3 gun.
As such if a round goes through them they dont disapprear they only loose some weight and still continue to serve their purpose, however generally they are not critical for the work of the gun.

Often with such tanks have also different counterweights on the back of the turret such as the M10 and T26E1-1 these count as mere Construction steel and dont change anything when shot off, so why should the barrle weight destroy the barrle.

Examples IRL and in game:(Click to show)


If i forgot any other accessories feel free to comment.

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No. If any of those are damaged you’re going to need to repair before being able to safely use the gun.

Be happy you can do it in a matter of seconds, and anywhere on the map. :P

If your muzzle break gets hit, it can cause unsafe levels of recoil and depending on how it is damaged can obstruct the barrel or cause the round to be negatively effected.

If the bore evacuator gets damaged then toxic gases can enter the vehicle through the breach, with is dangerous for the crew. It can also be damaged in a way that could obstruct the barrel or cause the round to be negatively effected.

If the barrel weight is damaged it can cause unsafe recoil patterns, cause the gun’s traverse mechanism to fail, and possibly obstruct the barrel depending on how it is damaged or cause the round to be negatively effected.

A counterweight on the back of a turret is not the same as the counterweight attached to a barrel. We are talking about barrel damage, not changing recoil performance of the vehicle. Shooting a barrel component IS going to damage that barrel.

It also isn’t realistic for a weapon to be used when any part you mentioned gets damaged because they are critical parts of that barrel and the entire vehicle. If they weren’t critical then they wouldn’t be placed on the vehicle at all.

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Maybe i choose my words poorly, however still, how it is depicted in game currently is still wrong to how it would behave IRL.

No it isn’t. If a tank gun got hit by another gun (main caliber or autocannon), that vehicle would be taken out of combat and the barrel replaced.

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Yeah, but if the muzzle brake is straved (not a direct hit, merly a little nit, like one of the pictures) it is still fully operational, while in game it will also completly take the barrle out of action.

Damaged guns are repaired because they are a hazard to the crew and the vehicle. If the barrel is hit in any way there could be deformations, weakening of the metal, and blockages that could cause serious damage to crew and vehicle.

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Ok, then all other gun barrles without such modules should be changed, that even bounces off of them should destroy them in game. Cince even slight deformations take them out of action.

Now you’re misunderstanding the difference between the realistic chances of hitting a barrel at all in real life vs Warthunder. Barrels get hit quite often in Warthunder because the fire control (gun sight from barrel POV) makes it incredibly easy to accurately hit another vehicle’s barrel. Try to use sights from the actual gunner sight position and it becomes very difficult without custom sights to compensate for the difference in alignment.

Also, it isn’t good for gameplay because barrels are already hit and damaged so easily (see above). Barrels used to be able to be damaged by HMGs, but they removed this ability because it deteriorated gameplay. As I say to many folks on this forum: Warthunder is not a true to life simulator and does not accurately reflect every aspect of the realistic vehicles depicted.

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Sounds like double standarts to me.

Sounds like you can’t tell the difference between balancing and real life to me.

^This again.

Ok, then muzzle brakes should ampefly barrle damage. Because that is a huge nerf to guns with muzzle brake.

It isn’t a huge nerf, that is how it works. Gaijin doesn’t decide on which vehicles have which muzzle brakes or other barrel attachments. They just make barrel damage work as closely to real life as possible without making it too daunting for gameplay.

Ok, double standarts.

Once more I suppose.

Yes, so then damage to muzzle brakes shouldnt damage the barrle itself then. Just like everything else that isnt the barrle itself.

The muzzle brake is part of the barrel…

No, they can easily be screwed off. And are not even needed on some guns, such as Jpz IV and StuH 42 G.

So can a spark plug from an engine, but that doesn’t mean a spark plug isn’t an engine part.

But i wont argue with you anymore, thats just going in circles and you got a double standart.