Barak II

Just would like to ask a simple question.
so you are adding another f-16 to the israel tree but giving it worse AA loadout for some reason ?
israel is still missing toptier BVR capable jet.
i thought that this addition would fix that.
but it doesnt for some reason ?
also giving it only 9Ls is just stupid.


F-16 for ground attack: if he dont have AGM65, he have largely more bombs options.

israel tree really needed a bomber when it has kurnass 2k

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Mike said in the stream they are considering Python 4. And maybe it could receive AMRAAM later on too.


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Isnt that the f16I block 70?

No idea lol, but could be enough for gaijin to consider that other IAF F-16s are AMRAAM capable.

Personally, I might hope gajin consider F-16I Sufa with infrared homing Python 4 & medium-range ARH BVRAAM AIM-120B AMRAAM, and add under F-16C Block 30 Barak I or F-16D Block 40 Barak II on a certain day in the future

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Python 3**

I could swaer he said 4s, 3s makes much more sense lol

never carried 3 afaik

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ye ye my bad he said Python 4

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We have a goddamn japanese f16 that never existed so i think they could do with a bit of inacuracy considering they didnt add more advanced stuff that the plane could carry.

I wonder F-16C Block 30 Barak I access Python 3 and carry extra countermeasures ?

It never carried Python 3 and it already has additional countermeasures. 200 total

nvm I thought you mean the current Block 40 Barak II

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They need to Put 2 Aim-7Ms as stop gap until the amraam comes this is one of the 3 viable options, the second one is Put the Python 4, and the third one is put the Aim-9M for both F-16s the Block 50 and the Barak 2

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Or just give it AMRAAMs

Why not give it DERBY missiles? If they do give it Python 4’s, DERBY’s are just python 4’s with an active radar seeker on them like the AIM-54’s

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F-16D Block 40 Barak II was not capable of using US radar guided missiles, any Israeli F-16 you see with AMRAAMs will be a F-16I, you can tell at a glance as the F-16D does not have the shoulder mounted conformal fuel tanks like the F-16I does.

Currently the only possible new missile additions to the Barak II would be the Python 4 as seen



Or the Derby as seen



Of course the AIM-9M could also be added as it is just an AIM-9L with an improved seeker and smokeless motor.



I hope that in this upcoming update in october-november we finally see the Python-4 coming to the Barak II

@Smin1080p whats up! how´s your day mate? any news about this?

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