11.7 for Barak II? (Poll)

As it currently stand the Barak II sits at 12.0, now to some extent that makes sense, it is an F-16 after all but consider this:

  • Because it is so much heavier than an F-16A or C it’s flight performance is severely lacking compared to other 12.0 aircraft
  • It has the worst air-to-air loadout of any 12.0 aircraft tied with the F-16A in the US tree
  • It also lacks any self guided air-to-ground munitions that most of the top tier CAS have access to, while it’s laser guided bomb selection is similar to the F-14B, F-16C, Kurnass 2000 and Harrier GR.7, it lacks access to the AGM-65D which limits both the number of targets it can engage and also the range other ground attack aircraft have at the same BR.

With this all in mind I would suggest that the Barak II currently lacks both the air-to-air and air-to-ground capability to be placed at BR 12.0 therefore I would like to discuss if does belong at it’s current BR and if not what could be done to correct this.

Air-to-Ground Ideas for the Barak II:

  • Stay at 12.0 with no changes
  • Move to 11.7 with no changes
  • Gain DELILAH / SPICE stay at 12.0
  • Gain DELILAH / SPICE move to 12.3

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Air-to-Air Ideas for the Barak II:

  • Stay at 12.0 with no changes
  • Move to 11.7 with no changes
  • Gain AIM-9M stay at 12.0
  • Gain AIM-9M move to 12.3
  • Gain Python 4 move to 12.3

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If you have any other ideas please feel free to suggest them, thank you.


As far as I’m aware, it never carried the Maverick, rather it used the Delilah cruise missile

woops, fixed that. Strange though as the K2000 does have mavericks, you sure the Delilah is the same kind of thing, seems more like a 250km cruise missile not a CAS AGM?

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do not expect python 4, you should rather expect python 3

Its a cruise missile yeah but I don’t think Barak used mavs in service. Gonna need to ask

Python 3 doesn’t really make sense though, this is a 90s aircraft so if it isn’t using the Python 4 then the AIM-9M makes the next most sense.

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Python 3 is still in active service I think? I’ve seen recent pics of aircraft using it

well 9m would make more sense than python 4 too and here is why


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I stand corrected.

I mean, I like to make polls with both extremes available as I don’t want my own opinions to really effect the way people can vote too much, I didn’t include the Python 3 because I don’t see it moving the scales much and I have limited space with a single choice poll.

Ye and python 4 is even stronger than any missiles that is coming this patch so python 3 still makes more sense or a heavily nerfed python 4 to something more similar to r-73

That is the point

and thats why i say do not expect it

I answered the 2nd comment with this: Still no BVR for Israel / Israel Needs the Python 4 - #511 by Texas_Engineer_Mike because it’s a commonly skipped fact.

And we know that P4 is stronger than R-73. The thing is Barak II doesn’t have any radar or thrust vectoring missiles while being heavier and less maneuverable than every other F-16 in the game.


no expectations here, this is an opinion poll.

Best thing we can do is voice our concerns and opinions and wait


Most of the players are leveling up the Soviet branch and the American branch, the R-73 will appear soon and there will be many aircraft with a rocket for both teams. Israel pumps only a few people, python 4 ten people will not change air battles.


So when SMT gets R73 +R27ER/ET with much better avionics is fine but Python-4 is too much for Barak-II?

Barak can only equip with IR missiles at the moment since Gaijin doesnt want to introduce Fox-3 missiles. Not to mention it will be the worst F-16 when it comes to flight performance so giving at least better İr missile will compensate that Fox-1 gap.


Consider as well that there is an ongoing bug report about the R-73 having a 60G limit instead of a 40G one like now

This possiblity makes it even more clear that Barak-II has need its Python-4’s more then ever.

Same goes for USA as well, they should get Aim-9M and Aim7P missiles.