BARAK II and aim 9 P

“Unlike the US version, the Barak II will receive the AIM-9P air-to-air missile with a rear-aspect IR seeker. In addition to this, a more advanced AIM-9L and AIM-9M and the heavier AIM-7M Sparrow also being present.”

might as well rephrase that for ya:
" unlike the US Version you willhave to grind something you will never use in your time playing this jet a nice OUTDATED MISSILE ( or pay us)"

i get it yes i can get the aim 9M too… but what in the “F*” is that decision=?
noone will use it past unlocking the 9L!

its a BLATANT cashgrab imo. i cant be bothered to grind with a Aim 9P at 12.0-12.3
the missile is good at maybe 10.0 what are you thnikin!


i want to get back to the " bulit in metal Rule"! Dear DEVS:
show me a picture of a REAL BARAK II leavaing an Airbase into combat with anything BUT an aim9L or even python FOUR.
its a watermarked image but non the less its a python 4 on this jet… and NOT an AIM 9 P

I was not able to find A SINGLE PICTURE of this thing with a 9P AT ALL

not in combat, not in training…

It’s really a shame that the Barak II have to struggle with 9P’s while the F-16A ADF and F-16C can go directly to the 9L, there’s literally no reason for that