Banned for just one frendly kill

Was I banned for just one friendly kill? I don’t think this is possible. many times I’ve been shot down by friendly fire and I don’t think the users who did this have been banned. It also happened during a game with Jet from Era 12. I’m still very inexperienced in using radar in the simulator and I think it’s normal to make a mistake like this. You can’t get banned for just one friendly kill! Not without the certainty that the killing is done voluntarily.

I think I suffered a real abuse of power. I have always behaved correctly in the game, both with allies and with opponents.
It’s not fair that he has to go an entire day without playing just because he has the bad luck of taking down a moderator.

I demand that the moderator in question be banned and that I have access to the game immediately reactivated.

Teamkills are mostly handled automatically, if the system detects an excessive amount of TK events (in your case here 3 TK’s within 5 spawns of yours). One TK will not get you banned (trust me, it happens to all of us that we end up killing a team member), but if it’s repeated the system kicks you.

The ban was not done by a game master, so no use “demanding that the moderator in question be banned”.

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You can’t be banned for 1 teamkill. The TJ System is automated (as far as i know) so…

If you’ve been throwing racial slurs around you in the Chad, you get a chat ban, but to get a complete game ban, you need to haven’t paid a bought pack or… You’ve cheated.

Tk System… I actual start to live this new “in Development” Software…

I only made one friendly kill in the match. After the fact happened the user who started to offend me in chat then as the last message he said “and now you’re going out!”. So I assume I got banned by the same user with admin privileges

Ähm. No.

As answered is the automatic system. Please if you have issues contact via PM a GM, do not open threads about it. Thanks

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